Beware giant spider on the run!!!

This week we have been busy reporters. A giant spider escaped and it was our job to write about it. We had to create catchy headlines and think about the 5 W’s (WHERE did the event take place, WHEN did it happen,  WHO was involved, WHAT happened and WHY did it happen).

We used the computers to search for images of spiders. We then included these images in our newspaper reports.

We have also been learning about different disabilities. We participated in different activities and discussed the challenges people with disabilities may face. We were able to think of different ways of adapting the activities.

Welcome back!

In maths this week we have been learning all about money. We had fun using the giant coins to add up different amounts.

In literacy this week we have been learning words contains the e_e sound.

We have been busy making crowns to celebrate the queens birthday.


We have been learning about Scotland’s traditions this week. We had fun trying to play the chanter and trying on a kilt. The chanter was really noisy!!!

Last week we received a visit from the ambulance. We had lots of fun when the paramedic switched on the siren and the flashing blue lights.

We have also posted our letters to Skeld Primary in Shetland. We hope to receive some replies so that we can learn about island life.

Have a fantastic Easter break!



Our Visit From a Lifeguard

Reminder – tomorrow (Friday 18th March) your child can come to school dressed ready for action in aid of Sports Relief. Please bring along a donation for this cause if you can.

We were very lucky to receive a visit from a lifeguard this week. He taught us about the dangers we could face when near or in water. We now know the 4 SAFE rules.


We have been busy creating designs inspired by the artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh. We used both oil pastels and water colour paints to create our designs.

Writing – we have been planning and writing our own Katie Morag books. Our stories are looking and sounding fantastic. We used time connectives to help us plan our stories.




World Book Day

Reminder – we will be visiting the book fair on Monday. If your child wishes to buy a book, please ensure they bring their money to school in a sealed envelope with their name and class on the front. 

We really enjoyed sharing our favourite books with the primary 5 boys and girls for World Book Day.

We have been learning the alphabet in French. Some of us wanted to dance to the alphabet song.

Maths: We have been creating odd and even posters, playing different subtraction games and using the giant number line to find the middle number.

Some of the boys and girls retold the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff by creating their own puppet show. They were able to build their set, puppets and take on the role of one of the characters.

The World of Work

World Book Day – could everyone please bring their favourite book to school tomorrow (Friday 4th March). We will be pairing up with primary 5, room 13 to read our books.

This week we have been busy creating short pieces of drama about places of work. We discussed different types of jobs and what we think it would be like to work in each of these roles. Our plays had to have a beginning, a middle and an end and everyone in the group had to have a role to play. We enjoyed using costumes and props to make our plays more exciting to watch.

We went on a word hunt around the classroom. Once we had found a word we had to place it in the correct category by identifying the phoneme within the word.


Some of the class created models of houses from the past and the present. As a class we looked at the difference between the two designs.

In maths we have been learning about tens and units. We had fun using the boards to display our answers.

People Who Help Us

We have been learning how to set out a letter correctly. We wrote letters to Tiresome Ted to tell him how sorry Katie Morag was for throwing him in the river. We then created our own Isle of Struay stamps.

We have been looking at maps of the world and identifying where we live. We also looked at which countries are beside the United Kingdom. We had fun trying to draw the shapes of different countries.

We were very lucky to receive a visit from some firemen today. We got to climb inside the fire engine! We know all about how the fire service can help us.

We had lots of fun working together to think of different ways to travel across the ladders in the playground.

Teddy Bear Hospital

On Monday we celebrated Chinese New Year. We have been learning how Chinese New Year is traditionally celebrated and we made Chinese lanterns to decorate the classroom. We know that red is a lucky colour in China. Kung hei  fat choi – wishing you a prosperous new year.

On Wednesday our teddies were given lots of care and treatment by the doctors from Aberdeen University. We had lots of fun learning how to put on bandages and plasters. Our teddy bears were very brave!



We have been learning to read and write  words containing the letter y (fly, dry, sky). We know that to make the igh sound the y usually comes at the end of the word.

Katie Morag and the two Grandmothers

This week in spelling we have been learning how to spell words containing the igh sound.

We have enjoyed acting out some of the Katie Morag stories. Grandma Mainland  is our favourite character to play. We have been learning how to retell parts of the story to a friend.



Living on an island

This week we started our new topic, My Community. We have been thinking about our community and how different life might be for us if we lived on an island. We had fun designing our own islands. We then used our maps to describe where places are on our islands by using co-ordinates.

Bonjour! We have been learning some more French this week. We can now do the register in French and know different ways to greet one another.

We used word bones and letter cubes to learn how to spell some common words.

Au revoir!




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