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May 3, 2017
by Mrs Shaw

Harlaw Social Subjects Trip

On Thursday the 27th P7 went to Harlaw Academy for a Social Subjects trip. We all got in groups and went to different workshops to learn about volcanos.

1st workshop:We used brushes to brush the sand away to try and find items and then we learned about how the Romans lived and how Pompeii got covered in ashes from the volcano.

2nd workshop:We used bolts and party poppers to see how long it would take for a volcano to erupt we also learned that if  you leave 1 to 3 days before the volcano erupts no one will die.

3rd workshop:We got character cards describing our personality then there is 2 people who are told the personalities then they have to decide if the people get in the boat or not then there is one big boat and everyone has to decide who stays and who goes.

4th workshop:We had 2 different groups, one had an envelope with a piece of paper with a family’s  description. We had a selection of pictures and we had to choose 5 things the family need to survive an attempt of escaping a volcano eruption but the second group had to pick 5 items for the whole city.

Post by Malachy and David

April 26, 2017
by Mrs Shaw

P7 Hoodies!

Our hoodies have arrived! We all came into class very excited because Mrs Shaw told us our hoodies had arrived along with all the Primary 7 pupils some teachers and PSA’s got hoodies as well!

Post by Leila

April 24, 2017
by Mrs Shaw

P7 Rotary Quiz

Today some of the Primary Sevens took part in the Rotary Quiz. One team came first and the other second. We are very proud of our achievements.

Winning Team

Runners Up

It was a general knowledge quiz and the winners will go to Portlethen and compete to win at the final on Saturday.

Good luck on Saturday,  Broomhill!

Post by Alex Mc.

April 21, 2017
by Mrs Shaw

P7 Rookie Lifesaving

19  P7 pupils from P6/7 and P7 went to a Rookie Lifesaving Event at RGU. The event consisted of a session in the pool, then we learnt to do first aid, and lastly we got to try doing CPR on dummies!

In the Pool

In the pool we started off using the pool buoys. We had to chuck them into the pool for the person to catch. Then they had to turn onto their back and kick. We had to reel the ropes in and the chuck them into the pool. The person in the water had to catch the rope and get pulled in. After that we learnt how to do jumps into the water. You would use them if you were trying to save somebody!

First Aid

When we started the First Aid the first thing we learnt how to do was a broken arm sling, then an elevation sling which supports the shoulder if you have broken your collarbone or hurt your shoulder. After that we learnt how to bandage a cut on the head or arm.


CPR stands for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. We learnt how to do chest compressions, mouth to mouth, checking the airway and DR ABC it means Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing and Circulation. I think everybody enjoyed themselves and learnt new things!

By Molly

April 21, 2017
by Mrs Shaw

P7 Things We Are Looking Forward To!

We are coming towards the end of the first week of Term 4! Everyone is very excited because there are lots of exciting things that will happen this term! The things as a class we are most excited for are: Prom, Cycling, P7 Show, Harlaw Transitions and hoodies.


We have decided as a year group that our prom theme is going to be… HOLLYWOOD/ OSCARS! We might also be giving out some awards for people with Oscar worthy performances such as: best ski trip fall and many more!


We will be starting our Bike Ability next Wednesday with the help of some PSA’s who are leading it which will be very exciting!

P7 Show

On Tuesday we will have an entire day of P7 Show! This will include introducing the show and other things that we don’t know of yet, it’ll be a surprise! The only thing we know is that it is called,

“We’re Putting On A Show!”

Harlaw Transitions

On Thursday we will be having a Social Subjects visit to Harlaw. The following day we will have Harlaw’s Head Teacher, Mr Innes and our year head, Mrs Douglas coming to visit us. In June we will have three full days at Harlaw. Tuesday 20th June, Wednesday 21st June and Thursday the 22nd June. This will be very exciting!


Everyone is VERY excited for our hoodies to come, we can’t wait! We have all been waiting eagerly for our hoodies to come so we can be different from the rest of the school and represent P7!

By Leila

April 21, 2017
by Mrs Shaw

This Week in P7

This week in P7 we have started our mini topic which is the Scottish Wars of Independence (1296-1329).  We have made a timeline of all the important events from 1286-1329. We also painted pictures of  William Wallace, John Balliol, Margaret Maid of Norway,King Edward The 1st 2nd and 3rd and Robert The Bruce.

We entered a Gender Stereotype competition and made posters about what it means and how it affects us,to try and raise awareness about it.

This term one Maths group started work in the 3B maths textbook we are revising the 3A text book but will be starting Soon.

Post by Toby and Alex T



March 21, 2017
by Mrs Shaw

British Science Week

Last week it was British Science Week with the theme ‘Change’. So we took part in doing some experiments. Firstly we put milk in to Coca Cola which separated it into the additives and colouring. Secondly we made Uüber or corn flour gloop by mixing water and cornflour. Thirdly we put Mentos into some different fizzy drinks including Pepsi, Sprite and Fanta Zero. We found the Diet Pepsi gave the heist geyser.

The next experiment we took part in was making ice cream.We did this by putting Ice into a ziplock bag then putting in salt to lower the freeing point of the ice we then got a smaller bag and put in milk, sugar and vanilla essence we closed the bag and put it in the bag of ice and salt and shook it until it turned to ice cream.

Fourthly we took part in making bouncy balls using borax, water, glue, food dye and corn flour. We made them by mixing them together in a certain sequence.

Post by Toby

March 10, 2017
by Mrs Shaw

Last week we went on the ski trip, we had an amazing time.
We made a display of our time at ski trip on it are pictures, we made ski passes to put up , we made quotes as well and some art at the top!

These are some of our opinions: “I had a great time and I definitely learned a lot, I enjoyed the evening activities, I would never miss it and I really enjoyed it!” Said by Alex T

“I had such a good time and I learned so much about skiing in general the instructors were all amazing and I loved the experience!” Said by Alex M

“I enjoyed when we went on the chairlift because the view was nice, I enjoyed the bingo and the ghost stories!” Said by Malachy.

“Fastest,funniest week ever!” Said by Toby.

“Ski week was fun because we got to ski everyday,I also enjoyed the evening activities,” said by Connor.

“It was loads and loads of fun but I have loads and loads of bruises!” Said by Leila.

“Ski week was extremely fun especially the common room cough cough! Fun fun fun!” Said by Espen noisily!

“#ski week equals best week!” Said by Euan R

Post by Alex M and Alex T

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