Abbotswell Pupil Council

Abbotswell Pupil Council

Minute of the meeting held at 1.15am on 16th May 2019.

This is what we talked about:

All the Council members present signed the attendance sheet.

Attending the meeting were:

Mrs Brechin (staff member)

Nursery – Saharra Shepherd

P1 rm 1 – Aiden Robertson

P1 rm 2 – Mia Baxter

P2 – Miko Dewar

P2/3 – Antony Stars

P3 – Elle Goddard

P4 – Lyla Lovett

P4/5 – Kai Smith

P5 – Callum Donaldson

P6 – Merryn Beattie

P7 – Fraser Adams

Mrs Brechin welcomed everyone to the meeting. We have just resumed our meetings this term.

Sports Day – June 4th 2019

Council members have consulted their classes about what kind of races they would like to do for Sports Day. Here are some of their responses:

P1 – P3

Hopping, running, egg and spoon, sack, beanbag, skipping, jumping, rolling, crawling, bat and ball, quoit races.

P4 – P7

Egg and spoon, running, sack, crab, quoit, football dribble, hopping, skipping and beanbag.

It was decided by the Pupil Council that these are the races we will be doing:

P1 – P3 Running, tattie and spoon, quoit on head and ball between knees

P4 – P7 Running, tattie and spoon, quoit on head, sack and crab

Meeting ended at 2.50pm

Next meeting – 30th May.

Mrs Brechin thanked everyone for coming today.