Pupil Council Meeting 23/11/18

Minute of the meeting held at 1.15pm on 23rd November 2018 in the Parent’s room.

This is what we talked about:

All the Council members present signed the attendance sheet.

Attending the meeting were:

Mrs Brechin (staff member)

Parent Council members – Jennifer Ritchie and Claire Lovett

Nursery – Saharra Shepherd

P1 rm 1 – Aiden Robertson

P1 rm 2 – Mia Baxter

P2 – Sofija Judina

P2/3 – Antony Stars

P3 – Elle Goddard

P4 – Lyla Lovett

P4/5 – Kai Smith

P5 – Callum Donaldson

P6 – Merryn Beattie

P7 – Fraser Adams

Mrs Brechin welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Minutes of last meeting

Mrs Brechin read out the minutes of our last meeting and everyone agreed that they were correct.

Shoe Box Appeal

The Pupil Council would like to thank everyone for all of the donations they have made towards our Shoe Box Appeal this year. What an effort you have made!

We filled all of our 30 shoe boxes! Pat on the back everyone!

All of the boxes were collected this morning and Mia, Fraser and Aidan helped to carry them out and load them in the car. The boxes are going to be loaded onto a lorry today and be on their way to countries in Eastern Europe.

Once again, thank you all so much!

Playground Equipment

Jennifer and Claire from the Parent Council visited us today. They have been raising money for the school and would like to purchase some equipment for pupils to use in the playground.

We had a list of equipment already made for them to look at.

They are going to see what the cost of things are and will purchase some of the items on our list.

The Pupil Council are keen to raise some money themselves to purchase equipment and are going to wait until next term before making a decision on what they will do.

For our next meeting, Pupil Council members have to talk to their class and ask for ideas on how we can look after any new playground equipment that we may receive. They will share these ideas at our next meeting.

Meeting ended at 2.00pm

Next meeting will be on the 7th December at 1.15pm in the Parent’s room.

Mrs Brechin thanked everyone for coming today.

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