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Math in Nursery!

In nursery we are so busy. Every day we are running around, playing and having so much fun. But where is all the learning?

Well we want to share how busy all your children have been while learning about Math and Mathematical language.

We have been playing “What’s the time Mr Wolf?” and having to count how many steps we move forward.

Through our drawing we use Math to make sure our drawings have  two arms, two legs and most of the time two eyes.

We look at the date every day at together time and we look at the date from today, yesterday and what tomorrow will be. We have to use Math to find out what number was before and what comes after.  We also look at our visual timetable to see what we are doing each day.

We use Math when we look at cook books and measure ingredients. We use Math to share with our friends and make sure everyone has a piece of play dough or a bowl of soup at the mud kitchen.

We learn to recognize our numbers and the amount they represent, when they are written or on a dice.

We use Math to understand that our buckets are full in the sand pit.

To count how many rungs on the ladder we can climb  and also to see how tall our block buildings are.

WOW!!! What a lot of Math we do  and this is only some of the activities we offer your children.

What Math do you do at home?

Please share on your ILD.