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Enjoying the nice weather!

The weather yesterday was lovely so we spent most of our time enjoying the sunshine. We have been exploring mathematical terms in the mud kitchen. Measuring and pouring coloured water and mixing it to produce a new colour. We have also been working on rolling the playdough into balls and rolling it out using a rolling pin. We have enjoyed playing with a playhouse and also building sandcastles.

Learning through play- Pm’s fun week

In the afternoon nursery we have been really busy working on lots of fun activities this week. We have been learning about airplanes and making paper planes. We have then been using our measuring stick to measure how far they have flown. We have also been using lots of mathematical skills, not just to measure distance but measuring out water in our mud kitchen. The children had great fun working with different coloured water and mixing them to make new colours. The children were using mathematical language to estimate how much water they had in their container, was it empty, half  full or full. Could they share some with a friend?  As you can see below, they worked together to solve problems, shared and supported each other, even working together to put the outdoor tap on as it can be tricky.

We have also been working on our fine motor skills and have been threading colourful pasta to make necklaces and working on our scissor skills.

Snowy days

Hello Everyone!

I hope all of you have been enjoying the snow we have been having this week. Unfortunately my car is stuck in the snow, so I had to walk to the shops yesterday. On my walk I saw lots of people making snowmen, sledging and having snowball fights.
What fun things have you been making or doing in the snow?

I also saw someone playing with a stick writing in the snow and reminded me of one of our favourite stories, Stickman.

Here is a short video of some of our favourite stories…

What is your favourite story? Could you share your favourite story with an adult or a sibling? Is it there favourite story too?


As always stay safe!


Wonderful Wednesday

As it has been much colder this week, I thought I would share some of my favourite videos of yoga, dancing and exercise. Something to keep us warm. You can do these with your siblings or as a family.

This is my favourite yoga video, which is centred around the story, “We’re going on a bear hunt.”

Usually we dance on a Friday, but it is also great to warm your body up too.

Exercise is another awesome way to warm your body up on a cold winters day. Her is a quick five minute video which you can do on your own or with family members.

Aa always, stay safe.


Friday 22nd of January- Pm-Counting Cars Challenge

On todays afternoon Google Meet, I told the afternoon children I was going for a walk to Hazelhead Park and wondered how many cars would be in the car park.

On the meet some of the children guessed how many cars they thought I would see, the guesses included 1 car, 5 cars and 10 cars.

I counted up to 44 cars in the car park!

There was lots of different colours of cars, red, orange, black, blue, green and white.

When you go out for a walk could you count how many cars you can see? You could look for a particular colour of car, and see how many of those you see when you are out for a walk.

You could even count cars from a window in your house, how many cars are on your street?

As always, stay safe

Wednesday 20th of January

Hello Everyone!

How are we feeling today?  Do you have a thumbs up, down or in the middle? You could ask an adult to share your feelings to ILD with a reason to why you may feel this way.

It is cold again today, so I thought we could warm ourselves up with some exercises. You could do this with siblings or as a family, and let us know how you get on.

What else could you do to keep yourself warm? Have you got a cosy blanket you like to wrap yourself in?  Or do you enjoy a lovely hot chocolate to warm yourself up on a cold winters day? Again you can share your ideas of what you do to keep yourself cosy by email or ILD.

I believe we may get some more snow by the weekend, would you like it to snow? What would you make in the snow?

You could create winter pictures, by drawing or painting? You could even recycle an old bottle to create a snowflake image.

See the source image

If you do choose to create a snowflake picture, how many snowflakes can you print? What else could you use to make patterns with?


Was there a white layer covering the ground this morning? Did you see this yesterday morning? This white covering is called frost, here is a little video to tell us about it:

Our story today is Winnie in Winter:

Tuesday 19th January

Hello Everyone!

As we are going for walks and taking part in the 1000 hours outside challenge, we need to remember to keep ourselves safe on the roads. Here are a few videos to remind ourselves of how we can be safe when out and about.



We may even be practicing riding our bikes, but we still need to stay safe.

If you do go out and about, upload your pictures to ILD as we would love to see them, but remember to stay safe.

Busy Afternoon Nursery!

We were super busy in the afternoon nursery yesterday. We had a great day, and everyone was engaged in a range of activities. We did a lovely decorating job for a Christmas surprise, created a picture for the morning nursery, counted and thread beads with the baubles to help with our fine motor skills, took part in a drawing activity, played a Santa dice game for number recognition, took part in some dancing and even had time for a quick walk around the school grounds.



PM Nursery

This week in nursery, the children are learning about mathematical terms- whole, halves and quarters. So far we have been using measuring sticks to measure our height and we have also been using play dough to share it out in wholes, halves and quarters. Using the whole, halved and quartered sticks, we have been exploring length and heights of items within nursery. We will continue to develop our knowledge throughout the week.

Below is just a few photos of what we have been up to so far: