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Busy Adventures in Nursery

Over the past few weeks we have been having a wonderful time doing messy play and den building in nursery. 

Have a look at our gallery to see all the exciting things we have been doing recently.

We have made a huge den that took up most of the nursery space and we all hid inside, it even had bedrooms. We have been making potions and cutting up fruit and vegetables and using juicers to  see what amazing concoctions we can make. We have been playing farms and pretending to be diggers on our tuff tray. We have also been making cars from buttons and corks and then racing them down the pipe to see how far they can travel.

It has been such a busy few weeks but we have had a great time learning.  



Nursery Baking

The nursery have been so busy baking over the past two weeks. Both classes have been voting to see what they wanted to bake. Last week the vote was for rock cakes or scones and this week was banana muffins or blueberry muffins. 

The children are using math to measure the ingredients. They then need to use their hand eye coordination to mix the ingredients together. Breaking the eggs is also a tough job which takes fine motor skills and strength. 

The baked goods have been making the whole school smell lovely as they cook. Thankfully the children made sure there was one  for each nursery teacher too and an extra one for Mrs Douglas. is the recipe we used for the delicious rock cakes.

This is the recipe the morning nursery used for their blueberry muffins. ( You can swap out the flour for gluten free and it works too.)

195 grams all-purpose flour

150 grams caster sugar

2 teaspoons baking powder

80g  melted butter, we used vegan flora

1 large egg or egg replacement

 (80 ml – 120 ml) milk; dairy and non-dairy both work

1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1 cup of  fresh  blueberries

Just mix all together in a bowl and cook in muffin cases for 15 mins at 180 degrees.

If you do any baking please do share. We love seeing what you can make at home. 

Painting in the garden

The children in the morning nursery had a fantastic time painting in the garden. They took turns coming and mixing the colors of paint and making their own pictures.

Some of the children stood and watched the other children painting and offered support and kind words about their paintings.

The children spoke about the colors they were using and the paintings they were making with their friends.


Math in Nursery!

In nursery we are so busy. Every day we are running around, playing and having so much fun. But where is all the learning?

Well we want to share how busy all your children have been while learning about Math and Mathematical language.

We have been playing “What’s the time Mr Wolf?” and having to count how many steps we move forward.

Through our drawing we use Math to make sure our drawings have  two arms, two legs and most of the time two eyes.

We look at the date every day at together time and we look at the date from today, yesterday and what tomorrow will be. We have to use Math to find out what number was before and what comes after.  We also look at our visual timetable to see what we are doing each day.

We use Math when we look at cook books and measure ingredients. We use Math to share with our friends and make sure everyone has a piece of play dough or a bowl of soup at the mud kitchen.

We learn to recognize our numbers and the amount they represent, when they are written or on a dice.

We use Math to understand that our buckets are full in the sand pit.

To count how many rungs on the ladder we can climb  and also to see how tall our block buildings are.

WOW!!! What a lot of Math we do  and this is only some of the activities we offer your children.

What Math do you do at home?

Please share on your ILD.



1000 Hours Outside!

Tips for Outdoor Play!

Walk on the Wild Side!

Next time you are out for a walk with your children, encourage them to walk on the wild side!

Can they slither like a snake?

Can they hop like a bunny?

Jump like a frog?


Spread your wings!


Remember birds are everywhere not just out in the countryside.

Listen to the birds you hear from in your garden.

Can you see them?

A great app is BirdNet for you to try with your children.

Can they recognise the birds in the garden just from their sound?

Drawing with Chalk!

Give each child a stick of chalk and let their
imagination flow! Encourage them to draw
pictures, shapes or patterns.
Ask them to describe their drawings.
Can they find other materials to add to
their pictures? For example, leaves could
become ears, twigs could be arms, a flower could be the sun.
Can their drawings be made into a game?

Hopscotch, knots and crosses, what about Pictionary?


Nature Scavenger Hunt

You can do this anywhere outdoors.
Take a paper bag to collect the
treasures you find or if you have a
camera you can take photos instead.

Can you find and collect things in nature of different
colours, textures, shapes and sizes?

What things can you find that are
white, green, brown, blue or yellow?

What about things that are
smooth, soft, hard, bumpy, rough, shiny or fuzzy?





Indoor snow day!

Making Snowmen INSIDE!

To make indoor snowmen, you will need:

  • 2 boxes of cornflour 
  • a can of foaming shaving cream
  • a box or plastic container to mix it in.


Let the children mix the cornstarch and shaving cream together until it sticks together if you form it into a ball. If it won’t stick together, just add a little more shaving cream. 

Now let the children play with the snow.

Can you build a snowman?

What else can you build?

Can you share your pictures with us on ILD?

Use your imagination here, you could use leaves, twigs and other objects from the garden, you could use beans, pasta, and other dried foods, buttons and even the lid from the milk bottle for a snowman hat.

Once the children are finished, sweep the snow back into the tub and put on the lid, it will keep for a long time and can be used again and again.

You could add some glitter to make your snow sparkle, or add a small amount of food colouring to make the snow a colour.

Have fun!



1000 Hours!

With all this cold weather it can be really hard to get up off the couch, put on ALL our clothes (well it feels like it) and head out in to the cold!

Here are four reasons that you should!

1) Outdoor Play in the Cold Strengthens the Immune System

Playing outdoors in the fresh, chilly, open air can boost kids’ immune systems, developing their ability to fight off infections and build resistance to allergies.

2) Outdoor Play in the Winter Months Helps to Burn Extra Energy

When playing outdoors, kids can keep fit and continue developing their physical skills. Outdoor play reduces the risk of obesity by getting blood flowing to the organs, at the same time as keeping them fit and healthy.

3) Outdoor Play in Different Conditions Promotes Problem-Solving and Cognitive Thinking

Children are encouraged to assess risks such as slippery surfaces caused by the rain and frost; they can then adapt their play to ensure safety. It also helps children to acquire new problem-solving skills and promotes cognitive thinking.

4) Outdoor Play in the Winter Boosts Vitamin D levels and Uplifts Mood

During the winter, we have a small window of opportunity to be exposed to sunlight and increase our vitamin D levels.

As a society, we must revise our way of seeing winter as a time for children to spend less time outdoors.

By trying to protect them from colder weather, we are doing the opposite and hindering learning.

This information is and extract from …

It is not just great for the children, the health beenfits for adults are huge too!

Why going outdoors in winter is good for mind, body and soul

1000 Hours – Sticks.

I have been outside a lot with my chickens.  I have six now and they have been in their own lockdown since November. So they are sadly not allowed out around my garden anymore.

Having my chickens means I am outside often to clean them out, feed them and make sure they have fresh water. I also like to  spend time with them and give them treats and cuddles.

If you have a dog, taking them for walks would count as time outside. Maybe you take them to the park, around the streets or to the woods.

This week I have been taking my dog up to the woods (Gramps) and down to the river. We also went to Tollohill  woods to play on the tree swings. Everytime we go to the woods, we always come home with sticks. One for my daughter, one for my son and of course one for me!

A stick collection has been growing on my back door step since I had both my children. Although my own mother still has my collection sitting at her back door and when ever my children go through to visit they seem to add more to the collection.

A good stick is something special. Teach your child how to hold their stick safely. In nursery we advise all sticks be carried upright. We remove any small side shoots and try to round off the ends so they are not pointy.

If like me you find a collection of sticks at your back door then you may be interested  in the following ideas.

In the nursery garden we have lovely straight sticks of different heights.

We measured our sticks to one meter and then used them to measure things around the nursery garden. After a while we got a few one meter sticks and cut them down, so we had half a meter and 25 cm sticks too. Allowing our children to measure themselves, each other, the staff, their toys and everything else they can find.

We painted the ends so we knew what sticks matched to make a whole meter stick. Easy Maths Sticks.

What could you measure?

Having a collection of sticks is a helpful loose part to have at home.

Using big sticks and a sheet you could build a den.

You could make a wand.

Maybe you could make a shape  and weave some pretty leaves in to your dream catcher or add feathers, pinecones and  other things you find outside.


Maybe you could use your sticks to make a dragon cave, or a home for your fairies.


There are loads of ideas for what to do with those sticks. SO lets see your amazing ideas too.

Share your sticky masterpieces on the interactive learning diary (ILD) I can’t wait to see what you make.


Outdoor Activities: 20 Ways to Play with Sticks

10 Little Stick Activities



1000 Hours Outside!

Brrr! It is a little cold just now.

I took a walk with my family and my dog down the river to see the painted stones.



Quite a few have been damaged, which made me so sad. I did, however, have fun throwing sticks into the river to try and break the ice.





When we play beside the river we must be safe and stay away from the edge. It is good to practice throwing. I made small holes on the ice and a big splash when throwing my sticks into the water.


Can you see my sticks sitting on top of the ice?


How far can you throw your sticks? Can you make big holes in the ice?




We saw some signs of spring!

Can you guess what kind of flowers these could be?

I am going to keep an eye out and watch them as they grow.


I also found some mushrooms.

Remember it is ok to look at mushrooms but do not touch them some can make us very ill.





It is astonishing what we can gain just from spending time outdoors in the winter. It can help us improve our bodies and our minds. So, if you are feeling restless after long days spent cooped up indoors, get outside, be safe, and have fun!


Things to do:

Try a science experiment,

On an icy day try blowing bubbles outside, you can see frost crystals in the bubbles form, try not to pop them straight away to watch the crystals form.

Is it cold enough to make ice? If so maybe make some ice sun catchers.

You can use absolutely anything in your frozen suncatchers, as long as it’s small enough to fit in the ice! Here’s a list of a few items we’ve included in our suncatchers from a walk around our neighbourhood.

  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • Pinecones
  • Birdseed
  • Berries
  • Nuts

Once you have your ingredients collected, you’ll want to choose your containers. You can use plastic lids, pans, bowls or silicone moulds.  Fill your moulds with a shallow amount of water (boiled water makes the ice freeze clear – you can use it once the kettle has cooled). Then place your natural items in your tray/ pan/mould. Put a bit of string so you can hang it up once it is frozen and leave outside to freeze overnight.  In the morning pop it out and hang it up on a tree to watch the sun catch the ice and make it sparkle.

If you use birdseed and cereal or fruit maybe the birds will come to eat it.

What fun things have you been doing?

Please share all your adventures on your Interactive Learning Journey so we can see all the fun things you have been doing.

1000 Hours Outside Challenge!

Kincorth is blessed with having so many amazing green local spaces right on our doorstep.

Have you been up the Gramps (Kincorth Hill) recently?

From the top, you can see snow on the hills to the west.

Maybe the pond is frozen? Can you find a trail you haven’t taken before?




We also have Tollohill Woods which is my families favourite.


Perfect place to meet friends.

We can walk to it through the new houses at the end of Deeside Brae and through the fields.  (see the path on the map below)

There is lots of wildlife, we have seen squirrels and deer on our walks there. There are some hidden dens and great trees to climb.

It has a  car park for about a dozen cars off the small road south of the B9077 South Deeside Road.

It has a few tree swings and a hidden monument with great views over the River Dee and Aberdeen.


It is worth the walk. We take a flask of hot cocoa for the children on cold days and a snack and hot tea for me.  For older children or those parents with bikes, the paths in the woods are great for bikes. However, you can walk on the smaller paths if you go by foot and that is when you may find Bambi and family.



Riverside walks.

Have you walked from the  Bridge of Dee garden under the bridge past the back of the Harvester and Goals? There is a beautiful collection of stones that have been painted and left there.

Adding your own is always a good idea. Maybe you could make a stone walk beside your house. Or leave a stone for a friend near their home.

Remember last year we found the houses I left around the Kincorth area.  What a great reason to go for a walk in our local streets.

If you have a favourite place to go around Kincroth let us know.

Have fun!