Learning through play- Pm’s fun week

In the afternoon nursery we have been really busy working on lots of fun activities this week. We have been learning about airplanes and making paper planes. We have then been using our measuring stick to measure how far they have flown. We have also been using lots of mathematical skills, not just to measure distance but measuring out water in our mud kitchen. The children had great fun working with different coloured water and mixing them to make new colours. The children were using mathematical language to estimate how much water they had in their container, was it empty, half  full or full. Could they share some with a friend?  As you can see below, they worked together to solve problems, shared and supported each other, even working together to put the outdoor tap on as it can be tricky.

We have also been working on our fine motor skills and have been threading colourful pasta to make necklaces and working on our scissor skills.

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