Tuesday AM at the park.

Today the morning nursery went to a local park for a play.

First we had to check the park for any signs of dogs. Sadly we found a lot but the teachers picked it up and put it in the bin.

We stood in a circle to discuss the rules. We needed to know where we were allowed to go and also what to do if a dog came to the park.

We know that we must stay still lift our hands to our chests and show the dog our back, that keeps us safe and stops the dog nipping our fingers and faces.

Once the rules were discussed and we decided how far around the park we could run we went to play.

We pushed our friends on the swings and took turns on all the play park apparatus.

We lined up and waited for our turn on the slide too.

We were all full of giggles and came back to nursery in time for snack and then it was home time.

The children discussed the green cross code and how to safely cross a road. Remember to “STOP, LOOK and LISTEN” when you are walking with your child.

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