Thursday morning in the nursery!

Today some of our children took part in our play on pedals activity to learn how to ride the balance bikes. We discussed what each part of the bike was and they all identified it on their own bike. We learnt how to get on and off our bikes safely and started to practise how to move the bike by pushing with their legs while keeping their bottom on the seat! All the children did an amazing job and we will continue to practise over the next few weeks!



While the other children were learning about their bikes, the rest of the nursery children were either inside playing board games or outside painting the ice in the garden. After a while the children decided to try and find other things to paint. We were learning about mixing colors and using our imagination to be different animals.


It is very muddy in our garden just now. The children are doing a great job of cleaning their hands between playing and snack times. We would like to remind parents not to send their children in to nursery in their best clothes and that we will not judge if their outdoor boots or suits are a bit muddy. As staff we do not deep clean our own waterproof trousers and boots except at the weekend so we would not expect our children to do so either.


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