Tuesday AM at the park.

Today the morning nursery went to a local park for a play.

First we had to check the park for any signs of dogs. Sadly we found a lot but the teachers picked it up and put it in the bin.

We stood in a circle to discuss the rules. We needed to know where we were allowed to go and also what to do if a dog came to the park.

We know that we must stay still lift our hands to our chests and show the dog our back, that keeps us safe and stops the dog nipping our fingers and faces.

Once the rules were discussed and we decided how far around the park we could run we went to play.

We pushed our friends on the swings and took turns on all the play park apparatus.

We lined up and waited for our turn on the slide too.

We were all full of giggles and came back to nursery in time for snack and then it was home time.

The children discussed the green cross code and how to safely cross a road. Remember to “STOP, LOOK and LISTEN” when you are walking with your child.

Wood Work Monday AM

The morning nursery have been working hard getting their secret art project underway. The children have been learning the important  rules of saw safety.

The children all had to listen carefully to the teacher and they had to concentrate on the task at hand.

All of our children who had a turn to cut their wooden branch then had to take their branch inside to measure it.

The children were so proud of their efforts and are all excited to share their finished products with the parents…. once they are complete.

The children showed great gross motor, concentration and listening skills today in the nursery as well as developing their numeracy by measuring their branches against a tape measure and other items in the class.


Important Dates

It is hard to believe that we are almost at the end of November. We have been really busy here at nursery and the time has passed so quickly.

As we head into December I would like to thank all the parents for there support so far. As we all know December is one of our busy but exciting and fun times at Nursery. This year our activities and celebrations might look a little different but we will still experience the Christmas Fun and Magic that we usually do.

Here are some important dates for your Diary.

Friday 11th December

Christmas Jumper Day  – with donations going to Cash for Kids

Wednesday 16th December

Wear your pajamas day and Christmas Cinema

Thursday 17th December

Christmas Party

Friday 18th December

Last day of Term.

Nursery staff will keep you updated about these events.

Thank you the Nursery Team 🙂

Thursday morning in the nursery!

Today some of our children took part in our play on pedals activity to learn how to ride the balance bikes. We discussed what each part of the bike was and they all identified it on their own bike. We learnt how to get on and off our bikes safely and started to practise how to move the bike by pushing with their legs while keeping their bottom on the seat! All the children did an amazing job and we will continue to practise over the next few weeks!



While the other children were learning about their bikes, the rest of the nursery children were either inside playing board games or outside painting the ice in the garden. After a while the children decided to try and find other things to paint. We were learning about mixing colors and using our imagination to be different animals.


It is very muddy in our garden just now. The children are doing a great job of cleaning their hands between playing and snack times. We would like to remind parents not to send their children in to nursery in their best clothes and that we will not judge if their outdoor boots or suits are a bit muddy. As staff we do not deep clean our own waterproof trousers and boots except at the weekend so we would not expect our children to do so either.


Shape hunts in the playground with the Morning nursery.

To  help develop our knowledge of shapes,  we went on a shape hunt in the playground. We jumped in our cars and went for a drive.

We found lots of different shapes and tried to make them with our hands.

We had to remember and park our cars in the correct spot that matched our numbers.

We found many different shapes.

Some where hidden in other shapes too. We found triangles and rectangles.

The children had a great time trying to find as many different shapes in the playground as possible.

The children were using great observation skills to find the different shapes around the playground. They had to use spatial awareness to move around each other without crashing their cars.

What shapes can you find on your walk to nursery? Feel free to share any amazing shapes with us on ILD.

Happy Shape Hunting!


Wednesday Morning in the playground.

The morning nursery were taking turns hiding in the leaves.

We looked at different leaves- colors and sizes and had a competition to see who could find the smallest leaf. It was difficult finding the smallest leaf that was not torn from another one.

Watch out for the leaf monster!!!

The children then had to use their listening ears and looking eyes to play traffic lights on the road.

When the teacher shouts ‘RED’ you must ‘STOP,’ ‘ORANGE’ means ‘GET READY’ and ‘GREEN’ means ‘GO!’

The children had to be careful not to run into anyone by watching where they were going.


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