Basketball Festival 7/11/18


On Wednesday our team had its first festival at Aberdeen Grammar school. We had six players at the match Lewis, Daniel, Fraser, Rachel, Brooklyn and Yamen. Those who were here for the first time were a little bit nervous to start but soon settled in. We played well as a team and won our first match. Our second match was a little bit trickier but we kept trying and won that game too. Our players were very sporting today and were a credit to the school. Back at school we will need to work on our marking and the “lay up”shot.


Les Couleurs

Primary 5 and P4/5 have completed their colours this week. We have listened to a story “Toutes les couleurs” and we were able to understand what the story was about by recognising some words we know and by looking at the pictures. We also had fun playing bingo – which got quite exciting at times!

We were also reading and writing colour words on some tasks.

Next topic – numbers to 31

P5 and P4/5 French Greetings and Colours

These classes have been revising greetings in French.

They can have a short conversation with another person. They can say

hello – bonjour or salut

how are you? – Ca va?  Very good – tres bien, ok – comme ci comme ca, not too good – ca ne va pas.

what is your name? – comment tu t’appelles? My name is – je m’appelle…..

Our next question will be asking someone where they live and how to say where you live.

We also revised some colours this week with some pupils volunteering to lead the learning. We will finish this topic off next week and move on to numbers.


P6 Les objets de la classe

P6 have been learning the names of classroom objects. They have played some games to help them remember the French names for some items in class. They are also able to read the names of objects in French and draw them. You can see some examples below.

This week they had a craft activity. They had to  follow instructions in French to draw a classroom object  larger than its real size and cut their picture into jigsaw pieces. Next week we will display our work some for people to try and figure out what the object is.

P6 Golf challenges

Today P6 were using their putting skills in team challenges.

First they played “ladder putting”. Each team had to putt a ball to a hoop then move back to the next ball. As they got further away from the hoop the task became more difficult. But the red team worked well together and completed the challenge first.

Next we played “finders keepers”. In this challenge, teams had to putt the ball towards the cones and they had to pick up the first cone they hit. At the end each cone had a set points amount and teams had to count up their score so we could find out who the winner was! Everyone worked really well together today.

P3 Basic Moves

What a super group this was today! Everyone was trying so hard!

First we played a warm up game called “sheep and wolves”. If a sheep got caught it had to lie down on its back with legs and arms in the air!    Once the shepherd came they were able to join in the game again!

Then we were using quoits. We were trying to make them roll fast and slow. Then we were trying to throw and catch the quoit with one hand and then two hands. We also tried to make the quoit spin slow and fast. Many successes achieved by the pupils today.

It was so hard to choose a PE star but Olivia was chosen for trying so hard and catching the quoit with one hand.

Excellent class today!


P4 games skills

As part of their lesson today, P4 were trying to use their dodging skills to get past their partner. There were some good moves on show as well as showing good balance.

Jasmine was the PE star today for listening really well in class today. Well done Jasmine!

P7 golf

This afternoon P7 were learning how to use a golf putter. They had to make sure they had their body in the right position and their hands placed correctly on the putter. Getting these things right will help with aiming to a target and for judging distance control. Here are some photographs of them trying to putt to a target.

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