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Hello everyone

I hope everyone is managing to keep their spirits up in these very uncertain times.   Hopefully, the children  having  access to Google Classroom and the opportunity to complete familiar schoolwork  will help, in some small way. to  keep things normal.

Please find proposed Google Classroom Timetable  for week beginning 23-03-20,  along with weekly  CLIC  Targets and Spelling  sound / pattern.

CLIC Targets

C – I can partition a 2dp number

L – 11 x Table

I – I can double 3d multiples of 100

C – I can solve any 1d x 2d

Spelling sound / pattern  for each group are as follows:

Foxes – (are)

Hedgehogs – (gn) for (n)



CLIC,  Maths – Negative numbers,  Spelling words with choice of   activity,  Short Read (comprehension)


CLIC,  Maths – Negative numbers,  Spelling words  with choice of activity,  Grammar –  Direct speech,  P.E. – Mrs Brechin


CLIC,  Maths – Coordinates,   Spelling words with choice of activity,  Bounce Back,  Topic – Robots


CLIC,  Maths – Coordinates,  Spelling words with choice of activity,

Big Writing – Newspaper Article,   French –  Mrs Brechin


CLIC,  Maths – Beat Thats challenges,   Spelling Test,  Topic – Robots

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