P3/4 Learning Activities – Tuesday 31st March

Good Morning Everyone!

Tuesday is normally our PE morning so let’s get active! Why not warm up this morning with a spot of Zumba!  Click the link below -you might recognise the song! Do you remember dancing in the rain in the Duthie Park!?! Happy Memories!


Time for a Joe Wicks workout now! Make sure the adults get involved too! Click on the link below to access his youtube channel:


Feel free to send me any video clips of you doing Zumba or the  Joe Wicks workout on Dojo or by email!

  • Choose a different spelling activity from the Spelling Menu to help you learn this week’s spelling words

Reading Activity

Choose a favourite book from home or use one of the online reading books on Oxford Owls at Home


Pick a favourite character from the story. Draw a picture of the character and write 3 sentences about them.

  • Spend 10-15 minutes working on this week’s Big Maths CLIC targets.


Why not try setting up your own shop at home? You could maybe use food items from the kitchen cupboards or even some toys from your bedroom. Set prices for your items and make some signs and price labels. Use real coins if possible and take turns of  being the customer paying for the items and also the shopkeeper working out the change.

Here are links to a few money games to play:



Choose some of the Money Games from your city in Education City.

Have a great day!

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