Feb 202014

World Book Day UK & Ireland 2014

We will be having a special day on Friday 7th March to celebrate.

All the pupils are invited to dress up as their favourite character from a book or a poem.

If they are able, they can bring in the book to share with the rest of the class.

Primary 3H will be putting on a special assembly in the afternoon.

We look forward to sharing our love of books and reading!

Feb 122014

St Joseph’s will be holding our first Science Week just after Easter.

Monday 28th April -Thursday 1st May

We are looking for volunteers who work in a science/engineering/health related field to help out.
However, we would also welcome parents who have interests that could be linked to science – are you a keen baker who could explaing the science behind rising bread? Or a cyclist who could share the science of motion/resistance/keeping fit?

If you, or someone you know, feels able to come into school to carry out a science based activity with the children, or talk to the children about your job it would be very much appreciated.
P1 -3 are also looking for health professionals, nurses,doctors, dentists etc to visit classes.
You can reply either by commenting on this post, or via your child’s class teacher.
Many Thanks,
The Science Team.

Mar 142012

Why have a PLP for each child?

In order to develop life-long learners who take responsibility for and are fully engaged in their learning it is necessary to allow children to be involved in the process. Children should not passively absorb and regurgitate facts if they have no idea of why or how to use the skills and knowledge they have assimilated. The world is constantly changing and our children need to have transferable skills, an enterprising attitude and the ability to problem solve and work in teams if they are going to be leaders and entrpreneurs. Children should own their learning and be active participants in, even be demanding in accessing their right to a broad general education.

What is the PLP folder?

The PLP, or Personal Learning Plan,is a document showing your child’s learning journey. Ideally it will begin in nursery with the Early Level and progress to P7 with Second Level or even in some cases Third Level. We have not yet ‘unpacked’ Third Level. It has been estimated that it can possibly take up to 3 years to meet all the requirements of an outcome and a level.

Obviously pupils who are currently quite  far through their primary education will only receive the levels they are working towards. Nursery will have Early level, P1 will have Early and First, P 2-4 will have First  and P4-7 will have First, Second ( with Third if appropriate when available).

We did consider and E portfolio ( an online document) but we felt that children, especially the younger ones, would interact better with a hard/ tangible document.

How will the PLP folder work?

Each teacher plans the learning based on pupil’s prior knowledge and pupil choice is now a large part of the planning process. Pupils have a say in the learning context and are always made aware of the learning intention and the desired outcome. The children talk about ‘I can’ statements. Once a particular skill is taught and practised the teacher will create an assessment or a challenge to assess whether the pupil can consistently and in a real-life situation evidence that skill. This evidence is stored in school in a variety of ways in case of audit or inspection. The pupil and teacher will then discuss the learning and will agree a level in the PLP. The younger pupils use a traffic light system and the older pupils use a ’scaling’ procedure to decide if they are; developing, consolidating or secure in that skill. The pupil and teacher will then decide on ‘Next Steps’ or ‘what must I do to improve’. This will then be shared with the parents as the PLP will be sent home.

No matter how tempting, parents must not amend the folder.

Logistics of manging the PLPs.

Hopefully the PLP will progress with your child through their schooling. In order for this to happen the folder will have to be treated as special and will have to be handled carefully. It is a relativley expensive undertaking and we would ask that you take great care of your child’s folder. Please avoid eating or drinking when using it and ensure that your child’s school bag is of sufficient size to accommodate it without damaging it.

Managing the PLPs in school will require dedicated time which staff will timetable into their weekly planning. Understandably it would not be possible for every child to be spoken to every week and teachers will plan to ensure that all pupils are spoken to on a regular and fair basis. As the teaching and learning is based on individual pupils, it falls to reason that the PLP folders will not come home in a pre determined timetable. If you have two or more children at school you may find that their folers do not come home at the same time.

Time taken to discuss learning is valuable and productive and should never be seen as a waste of teaching time. If the teacher values the learning and values the pupil and demonstates this by giving dedicated time, then the child will value the learning and feel valued as a learner. Parents add to that positive feeling of being valued when thay take special time to discuss the learning in a positive and nurturing way.

Please feel free to add a comment if you have any questions about the Personal Learning Plans. Thank You

Feb 172012

We were delighted with the turn out on Wednesday 29th February for our Curricular Evening.

After a presentation by Mrs Tominey and Mrs Fowler, parents were invited to browse the displays and chat to the teachers at each level.

View Powerpoint Presentation here

Keeping to the theme of ‘A night at St Joseph’s’ children from nursery to Primary 7 produced pieces of work.

Selected pieces were then used to highlight a developing, consolidating and secure piece ofwork at each level.

The progression could be seen from Early to Second level.

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