We had a brilliant afternoon learning the painting technique of Pointillism which was developed by the famous French artist, Georges Seurat. Mrs McLennan was very impressed by how quickly we mastered this skill and the pride we took in our work.

A Fond Farewell to Frankie

It was with mixed emotions that we welcomed Frankie,  her lovely  family and Lisa to class for the last time. We were very excited to see  her standing up, holding mummy’s hand. She was very happy to see everyone and we weighed and measured her to see how much she had grown. Jamie had great fun playing with her on the mat. What a star Frankie has been throughout the year and we have learned so much from the experience of watching her reach so many important milestones in her development. It was very hard to say goodbye but hopefully she will come to see us all again some day. Tracy and Lisa gave us some lovely gifts to help us remember our Roots of Empathy experience. We are extremely grateful to Tracy for allowing us to share such special moments in Frankie’s life. Before Lisa left we gave her a massive Primary 2 hug to show her how much we appreciated everything she has done for us.

Our potato harvest!

It was really exciting to discover that we had managed to grow our own  potatoes! We talked about how they would have grown bigger had we left them in the soil for longer and how they would  need a bigger container to grow in.

Times Tables

We enjoy writing out our times tables using the boards and pens. Summer and Rhyleigh show how it is done!


Liam is becoming very creative with his designs! He is learning which shapes fit well together and can make his design symmetrical.



When Frankie came to visit  this week – looking very pretty with her pink bow – we noticed she had reached even more milestones in her development. She can now sit unsupported, can clap with us and loves to pull out and look at books! She clearly has a mind of her own as Devron discovered, loves to explore and is moving about very quickly! Will she be able to stand next time she visits?

Problem Solving

We are getting really good at working with a partner to complete a time restricted problem solving task. We are learning which strategies to use and when we are finished we think about how we can improve next time. This week’s problem solving champions were Rhyleigh, Elle and Calvin!

Nursery Visit

We have shown how responsible we can be by helping the nursery boys and girls feel confident and happy about starting school next session. We help them to understand class rules and routines, teach them how to do things and show them how learning can be fun.

Baby Frankie entertains us!

Baby Frankie visited on Tuesday afternoon and was much more confident when interacting with us. Jamie enjoyed playing ‘Row the Boat’ with her. She still liked to see where mummy was but was happy to explore and play with us. Daniel looks very surprised by what she could do! Frankie has started to babble and she can roll and crawl much more quickly around the mat to where she wants to be . She stops to listen just like us. We sang her some nursery rhymes quite loudly but she wasn’t frightened at all and clearly recognised the songs. She is beginning to enjoy more exciting games like when Tracy bounced her up and down on her leg. We also noticed that she is expressing preferences, such as for certain toys. The  little balls are her favourite. Everyone has shown how very gentle and considerate they can be towards her.