Week beginning 18.02.19


We have continued our Sound topic and this week we were learning about animals’ hearing. In pairs, we created our own hypothesis and investigated if a small ear cone or a big ear cone would help us hear better.
































We have learnt about Scottish artist Steven Brown, whose artwork is very bright, colourful and stripey. We used Steven Brown’s work as inspiration for our own Robert the Bruce pictures. We used oil pastels to create our own colourful portraits in the style of Steven Brown.












































Everyone has learnt a lot this week from the research task homework! We listened to presentations from those who wanted to share the information they found. The quality of research and information has been very high, well done everyone!



























This week we have been learning about measurement. We have been practising measuring cm and mm using rulers and converting different units of measurement. On Friday in Active Maths we also practised our multiplication and division.


In PE with Miss Macrae we have been learning Ultimate Frisbee. With Miss McCormick, we let off steam on Thursday afternoon with Dodgeball.


Week beginning 14.2.19


In class our topic is history and we are learning about Robert the Bruce, King Edward I, John Balliol and William Wallace.


In maths we have just started length like mm, cm and meters. We are going to use rulers to help us measure.


In writing we have been writing about Miss Trunchbull and her facial expressions including her movement.


In Drama we have done shows about learning about Robert the Bruce and history.

By Zoe and Lily

Week beginning 04.02.19


We have been learning out to work out different fractions of amounts. It was definitely tricky but there was a big improvement over the week. In Active Maths on Friday everyone practised their multiplication and division, something which has been very important when working with fractions.


This week we had the last session of golf. Pupils practised their putting, chipping and driving skills and loved the experience and expertise from the two visiting instructors.


In our Time Detective lessons we learnt about the difference between primary and secondary sources. To put the knowledge to the test, pupils made quizzes in groups for each other using Google Forms. Some of these are finished and can be tried out on Google Classroom.

We have also been learning about the Scottish wars of Independence and on Friday we acted out parts of the life of William Wallace. Even though some were disappointed to be playing English soldiers, everyone was very enthusiastic when acting out the various battles between and the English were very convincing when cheering for King Edward I and William Wallace’s gruesome death! We will continue learning this by learning more about Robert the Bruce and the Battle of Bannockburn.





















































































































Homework for 14.2.19

Literacy Due Thursday 14th February

  1. Read the poem and complete the comprehension. Remember to write in full sentences.
  2. Add your own verse to the poem, keeping with the author’s style.

Research Project – Due Monday 18th February

Finish your research about your Scottish scientist, engineer or inventor. This week you must research how the invention/discovery/contribution has changed or how it is used has changed over time. Your project should have all the relevant information and be well presented (pictures, colour, etc).

Your completed project should be handed in to Miss McCormick (if it is a physical piece of work such as a poster) or uploaded onto Google Classroom (if it is digital, such as a powerpoint/google slides or word doc). If you are uploading onto Google Classroom, remember to click ‘Hand In’ so I can see you have submitted it.

Week Beginning 28.1.19

Class blog!!!

Hi, this week we learnt about pitch and volume, did you know that you can make different pitches with different objects.

In circle time we also learnt about the power of yet. For example if you said you weren’t good at swimming then you would put the word yet at the end and it would make “I’m not good at swimming yet. If you say that then it means that you are resilient.

In drama we started with 11 people and we now have five the remaining people are: Aria, Rose, Maia, Arwen and Matthew. We all congratulate those people and everyone else in the class for giving it a go and you must be very proud of your child if they got through to the final.

On Friday the 1st in writing we were making a recipe for resilience you would have to write a sprinkle of happiness or something like that!

By Aria and Rose 🙂

Homework for 4.2.19

Spelling Write your words. Then write them again using a coloured pencils to divide the words into syllables.

For example: jumping     caterpillar

Literacy – Due Thursday 14th February.

  1. Read the poem and complete the comprehension. Remember to write in full sentences.
  2. Add your own verse to the poem, keeping with the author’s style.


  1. Practise both your times tables and your division facts on Hit the Button. This will help with your fractions. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button
  2. OPTIONAL EXTRA: Equivalent Fractions Challenge on Google Classroom.

Research ProjectContinue researching your Scottish scientist, engineer or inventor. This week you must research the invention/discovery/contribution to their field. Use the following questions to help you:

– What did they invent/discover/work on?

– What makes this work special or important?

– What contribution has it made to society?

There is no need to physically hand anything to school this week. Keep what you find in a safe place (handwritten or electronic) so you can continue your research next week.

Week Beginning 21.1.19

It has been a busy few weeks. The class timetable has changed, Mrs Dalziel is teaching on Tuesdays. The P5 classes are also getting golf lessons on Tuesdays, so PE is now on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In Science we have been learning about sound. This week we learnt that sound vibrations can travel through solids, liquids and gases, but not in space. The class made string telephones in pairs and tested them out in different ways to see how well the sound can travel along the string.

This term our topic is ‘Time Detectives’. This week we learnt about Alexander Graham Bell and how he came to invent the telephone. We looked at pictures of different telephones and how they have changed. Next week we will make a timeline of showing the evolution of the telephone.

In celebration of Burns Night, P3-5 pupils learnt about Robert Burns in assembly with Mrs Dalziel. P5M then spent time reading ‘To A Mouse’ and in groups performed a verse for the rest of the class. Everyone worked hard and put in a lot of effort to nail the Scots accent and speak loudly and clearly so everyone could hear. The results were excellent, especially given the short amount of preparation time. Well done!

Homework for 28.1.19

Spelling – “Pyramid write” your spelling words.  You must write neatly!

Literacy Prepositions sentences. Write these in your homework jotter.

Research ProjectResearch a Scottish scientist, engineer or inventor. Over the upcoming weeks, you will research different things about your chosen person and then present your final project as a poster or powerpoint. This week you must:

  • Select a person to research about
  • Research basic facts about the person such as date of birth, date of death (if no longer living), where they come from.

There is no need to physically hand anything to school this week. Keep what you find in a safe place (handwritten or electronic) so you can continue your research next week. The final deadline will be in February, tbc.

Scots VersesChoose one of the poems, learn it and continue to practise reciting it at home. Everyone will recite their poem for the class.

Week beginning 7.1.19

This week we made Charles Rennie Macintosh roses with Mrs Dalziel. Everybody enjoyed making the roses.

We also have a new topic called Time Detectives and we wrote about our dream time machine.

This week in maths we have a new topic it is fractions we played fractions bingo.

By Evie and Maia

Christmas Party

We had our Christmas Party yesterday which was great fun. Here is some photos of what we got up to.

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!


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