Week beginning 11th March

Thank you letter to Deeside Care Home

In pairs we wrote a thank you letter to Deeside Care Home for having us on World Book Day. We then took pieces from everyone’s letters to make a final letter which will be sent next week.

Red Nose Day

This week we have been learning about the meaning of poverty and who is affected.  Today the children were given nine items which they had to order from most to least important. They were then given different scenarios and the children had to consider words to describe them.


Last week we made a Google Form to find out which games were the most popular in our class. Today we learned how to make bar charts on Google Sheets and then made one using our findings from the survey.


Week beginning 18.2.18


We have been learning about Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his artwork. This links in with our topic as he produced a lot of his artwork in the 20th century. We  watched a video to learn how to draw the roses. The children then made their own artwork inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.



This week we were learning about dynamics in music. We learned that diminuendo is when the music gets quieter and that crescendo is when the music gets loader. The pictures show us using our bodies to show the music changing. We reached up when the music got louder and crouched down when the music got quieter.



This week we were learning some street dance moves. We then worked in pairs to customise the moved we learned. We came up with lots of great variations!

Ellie and Katie’s Presentation

Today was Thinking Day so Ellie and Katie used the opportunity to tell us about Mrs Murray’s Dog and Cat Home because they are working on their charity badge. The girls will be taking part in a sponsored cycle from Cults to Duthie Park to raise money for their charity. If you would like to sponger them then follow this link:


Keep up the good work girls!




Week Beginning 4.2.19

Chinese New Year

On Monday we were learning about the story of Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. We learned that this is the year of the pig and that most of the children in P4G were born in the year of the tiger. We then made cards to celebrate Chinese New Year.

On Tuesday, Kayden and Maeve brought in some interesting things to show the class about Chinese New Year. Kayden brought in a special drum and this amazing dragon outfit! Maeve showed us a envelope which children are given with money inside during Chinese New Year, some decorations and two lovely outfits!

Internet Safety Day

Tuesday was Internet Safety Day so we learned how to stay safe online. We then made leaflets so we could share our handy tips to other children.


This week we have been preparing a presentation on a building or place in Aberdeen. We have groups doing presentations on Pittodrie Statium, Duthie Park and the Old Deeside Railway Line and many more.


Week Beginning 28.1.19


On Monday, we were sorting photographs into the early, middle and end of the 20th century. The children looked at  a mixture of pictures  of transport, Aberdeen, fashion, food and toys and had to order them into which part of the 20th century they thought they were from.



We have been taking part in some dance lessons. These explore different movements and sequences to show a variety of snow sports such as snow boarding, ice skating and bob sleigh. The children have had a lot of fun!



This term we are learning that there are many different creation stories and beliefs about how the world was created. This week we learned about the Christian Creation story and made a story wheel. This shows the order that Christians believe God created the world in.

Week Beginning 21.01.19

     Burns Night research

On Monday we researched what happens at a traditional Burn Night and made notes under headings. We then used the information to design a leaflet to adverse a Burn Night event.


20th Century timeline

In Term 3 we will be time travelling to the 20th century to learn about Aberdeen’s history. On Wednesday, the children were given eight events which took place in the 20th century and they had to try and put in the order of when they happened. There was lots of interesting discussion about this.




On Thursday we rotated around four different stations for spelling.  Children played on Spelling City, played hangman, dictionary race and wrote rainbow words.


Week beginning 14th January

Tartan making

This week we learned about tartan and its importance to Scotland. We had a look at what families have their own tartan and when we would wear tartan. We then made our own tartan by weaving different colours through black card.

Food tasting

We had the opportunity to taste vegetarian haggis and mashed potato. Some children really liked it, but others weren’t too keen. Some words to describe the food was “spicy”, “smooth” and “unusual”.


Week beginning 7.1.19

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely holiday.

This week we have been learning about Scotland.



This week we learned some words in Doric. We learned some common phrases and body parts. We then designed a creature and labeled its body using Doric words.


Steven Brown Art

We looked at artwork by Steven Brown and then designed our own ‘McCoo’ inspired by Steven Brown.


Baking Shortbread

The class discussed different Scottish food such as haggis, tablet and porridge. We then had the chance to bake some shortbread as this is a Scottish food. All children had lots of fun!



Week Beginning 3.12.18


On Monday, we learned about the story of Hanukah and the importance of the Menorah. The children then had to put the story in the correct order on to a Menorah.



In pairs, the children had a challenge to build a famous landmark and find information about the landmark such as what country it is. They had to use lots of skills such as teamwork, problem solving, communication and creativity!


Health and Wellbeing with Mrs Cox

During Health and Wellbeing the children practiced their Yummy Tummy breathing which can be used to keep calm  and for relaxation. The children then learned about ‘Gratitude Attitude’ and discussed in pairs what they are grateful for.


Winter Art

On Thursday, we made some winter scenes. We imaged we were looking out of our window and painted what we could see during winter. First, we glued on our window panes and then we painted our scene.

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