Welcome back!

I hope you have all had a fantastic holidays. The children have come back eager to tell me about what they have been busy doing in the holidays and things that they are looking forward to!

There are a few changes to the timetable for Term 3 –

Monday – no assembly with Miss McKay πŸ™ and no singing

Friday – assembly with Mrs Dalziel πŸ™‚

PE with Miss Macrae will continue on a Monday and Thursday.

Reading will be changing slightly for some groups. All groups will now be given new books on a Monday and Thursday.

For the first couple of weeks, we will have a Scottish focus in class. The children have been discussing what they already know about Scotland and looking it up on an atlas.

I look forward to another busy term! As always, please get in touch if you have any queries or questions.

Miss Mackenzie πŸ™‚

Christmas Craft

Thank you to everyone who managed to come in yesterday afternoon or sent in a donation to buy the children’s craft. They were all very excited to share what they had been busy making over the last few weeks.

We counted the money this morning and donated to the Aberdeen South Food Bank. The total donated was Β£70!!!! The children were delighted to be able to donate this amount and help children and families who desperately need it.

Here are the children once the money had been donated!

The children have also had a great time this morning sharing their toys and games. They all worked and shared their belongings very well together!

I’ll also take this opportunity to thank you all for the very generous gift that I received yesterday. It was so kind of you and is very much appreciated. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Merry Christmas!

Miss Mackenzie

Christmas Party!

The children had a great time this afternoon at the party! Lots of singing, dancing and laughing! Thanks to all the parents who were able to give up their time to help with the food!


Invitation to Parents

The children have been working very hard this term to design and create Christmas craft for our β€œlet’s Create!” topic.


Parents are invited in on –

Thursday 2oth December at 2.45pm to see what the children have made and then purchase the Christmas craft.


The children decided on a suggested donation of Β£1.25 (Thomas thought of 5p for the bag!)

They also voted on a charity for the money to go to and very thoughtfully decided on a food bank for families and children who might not get very much at Christmas.


If you cannot make it on the Thursday, you can still send money into school if you wish to donate. All children will still take their craft home.


We hope to see you all there!


Christmas Visitors!

The children came into the class this morning and found 2 visitors hiding!

Can you spot them?!

The children did a great job naming them and have come up with Jeff (the black one) and Josie (the red one).

Miss Mackenzie is not sure how she feels about 2 elves being in the class and hopes that they are not naughty..!

Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys went home at the weekend. I hope you managed to look through them and discuss with your child what they have been doing this term. Thank you to all that have put in a comment – it’s lovely to hear what you and your child have talked about!

Miss Mackenzie

Bring and Buy Sale

The children had a great time today at the Bring and Buy Sale! Thank you for helping to support the Primary 5’s with this worthy cause.

Our Visitor..!

Yesterday lunchtime we got a package delivered to the Purple Unit. It was addressed to P3M and the children were very excited to see what was inside! This is what it was…


As you can imagine the children were very excited to get going and worked very hard in their groups to get the task started. They have then spent today working together on their advertisements. Wall-E has been very impressed with how well they have communicated, shared ideas and listened to one another in their groups. Keep trying your best 3M!

Techfest 2018

The children were very excited to go to Techfest on Friday 31st August. We were lucky to go to 3 different workshops throughout the day.

Workshop 1 – From Plant to Plate with Duthie Park Ranger

The children were learning about how all food starts with a plant and they helped create different food chains. They then got to plant their own lettuce plant. I hope they are growing well at home!

Workshop 2 – K’Nex Under the Sea with Subsea 7

The children experienced how people are able to go under the sea in different equipment and scuba gear. They then looked at a real ROV and how they can help do some of the work under the sea as well. In groups, the children then made their own mini ROV with K’Nex.

Workshop 3 – Fun with Forces with the Aberdeen Science Centre

The children got to see and participate with different forces using equipment like balloons, coke cans and magnets.

I think its fair to say that the children had a great time and learned a lot from the different workshops. A big thank you to the parents that came along and to the others that offered to help.

Welcome to P3M

Hello and welcome to P3M’s class blog. Here you will find out some of the learning the children have been doing in class and any information that you may need.

Timetable for Term 1

Mondays – Assembly,Β P.E. with Miss Macrae singing with Miss Hamilton, homework due

Wednesdays – Mrs Cox, homework set

Thursdays – P.E. with Miss Macrae, library

Fridays – Big Maths Beat That!, Golden Time

Please could children take their reading folders to school everyday. Thank you to everyone who has taken a P.E. kit, a box of tissues and a wet weather job to school already.

I look forward to sharing lots of things on the blog. Please feel free to add comments or get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Miss Mackenzie