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Happy New Year to all the families in P2K. It was great to see the pupils back on Monday full of excitement and enthusiasm.


What a busy week!


This week in writing we were learning about New Year’s resolutions. To make it more fun we made guitars and set ‘Rockin’ resolutions! How cool do we look?!


See the source image

This week we were learning about the ‘ow’ sound – (owl) Help us learn these words at home:














We were learning how to use connectives to make our sentences longer!

Maths – over the next few weeks, we will be learning how to tell the time. This week we were learning about o’clock and half past, using both analogue and digital times. Have a look at our fun stations.

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If your child has a watch, please encourage them to wear it – the more they see the time, the easier it becomes!




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On Monday the class was filled with excitement as the pupils were challenged to guess the topic! Each child was given a piece from a jigsaw, whilst the Brave movie trailer was playing and were set on their way to match all the pieces up.


We finally worked out that our topic was SCOTLAND and were all very enthusiastic about it. We created a WKL – stating what the pupils already knew and what they wanted to learn about. We think this is going to be a great topic!


We used google earth to learn about the major cities and landmarks in Scotland and created a fabulous wall display to help s remember!

Here are us making posters about Scottish landmarks.

Our display!


For the first few weeks of the term we will be learning about Scotland, then we will be moving onto another topic.




This term we are learning how to use powerpoint!



P2K completed a ‘Spelling Challenge’ at the end of term 2 which I have sent home. They were tested on all the words that have been given home as homework. This week for homework, please spend time revising unfamiliar phonic sounds/words. Please note, jotters will not be going home as nothing needs to be handed in. Build the words using cards, write them in shaving foam, type them on the computer – ask the pupils to think how they will learn them best!


Scotland! A wee bit o’ fun! Homework

As above, there is no requirement to hand anything in for the Scotland homework – but I would love to see any good photos/bookets etc!

What an amazing term!

Well done for all your super work P2K – have a fantastic Christmas holiday and I am excited to hear all your holiday news! Image result for star

A big thank you for contributing to my wonderful Christmas gift. I was overwhelmed when opening it and I am already looking forward to buying something specialImage result for star

The first two terms of P2K have been fabulous and wouldn’t be possible without the great parental support.Image result for star

I hope you have a magical Christmas and are ready for what 2019 has in store for primary 2…Image result for star

Miss Keith  Image result for star


P2K elves invite adults to come in and have a look at their Christmas Design booklets and purchase their crafts.

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Tuesday 18th December at 2.45 

Parents can then sign pupil out and take them home. 

Looking forward to showing you our crafts! 

Please don’t worry if you can’t make it – pupils can take home their bags on Tuesday. 

(suggested donation of £2 – pupils would like to spend the money on new golden time games)

Week 5 – overview


We have been learning about ‘Rhyming words.’ We had a team race to see who could complete the rhyming challenge first!

Drama Fun

This week in drama we were learning about the features of miming. Can you think of which animals we are acting out?

Fun phonic stations!

This week our sound was ‘au.’ This is a tricky sound. Can you tell which words have ‘aw’ and which have au.’


We have been learning how to round numbers to the nearest 10.

We have also been continuing with our 2 times table.


This week we were given boring sentences and our elves had to think of how to uplevel them and make them better.

  • Can you do this with your homework? Take your time and make exciting sentences using adjectives and connectives.

We then had to share our sentences with 3 friends around the classroom.

Big maths

Many of us are beating our scores for big maths. The pupils are given 30 seconds to complete 17 questions. Help your child by practising their ‘learn it’s’ flash cards at home.


Learning Zones

These are pictures taken by the pupils.

Week 3


AN UNEXPECTED LETTER FROM THE NORTH POLE created huge excitement on Tuesday morning.  The letter detailed:


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Primary 2K…

Santa’s workshop is currently accepting applications for full time elves.

Applications should have appearance and personalities detailed and be willing to relocate to the North Pole.

Making toys is a plus and spectacular singing is required.

Santa’s workshop offers an excellent package including rooms, unlimited cookies and hot chocolate.

Interested applicants should send a letter to:

Santa Claus

100 Holly Jolly Lane

North Pole




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The pupils were then challenged to write a character description of their Elf using lots of adjectives. Ask us what an adjective is. Miss Keith was very impressed with our adjectives and our new challenge is to start sentences with different openers instead of using ‘I’.



OI or OY? Can you help us learn the difference at home?

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We have been learning how to write out the two times table.

Some of our big maths questions have challenged us and we have had to think about our 3 times table!

Please cut out the blue learn it flash cards. Some pupils have been practising a lot and are managing 17 big maths questions in 30 seconds – HOW FANTASTIC!



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In our ‘creative world’ – we have been creating bags from 2D shapes. We had to plan, evaluate and then alter our designs.


We have also been learning how to make pompoms. Some of us have made little animals with Christmas hats! We can’t wait to show you all our creations on our selling day. (Date to follow)


Enjoy your weekend P2K. Looking forward to hearing your weekend news on Monday.



TERM 2 – TOPIC – Santa’s workshop.

‘The best topic ever’ – according to P2K pupils!

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Here are the curricular outcomes we are covering in term 2.

I can work out the amount of money I need to buy items, understanding that I may not always be able to afford the items I want. SOC 1-21a
I have experienced the different jobs involved in running a business enterprise and understand the role each ones plays in its success. SOC 1-22a
I am developing and using problem solving strategies to meet challenges with a food or textile focus TCH 1-04c
I can adapt and improve ideas and can express my own thinking in different ways TCH 1-04d
I can design and construct models and explain my solutions. TCH 1-09a
I can recognise a variety of materials and suggest an appropriate material for a specific use TCH 1-10a
I can explore and experiment with sketching, manually or digitally, to represent ideas in different learning contexts. TCH 1-11a

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We will be covering this by becoming ‘Elves’ and transforming our classroom into our very own workshop.

Image result for elf workshop

We will be adapting and improving our ideas and looking at different materials to construct our models.

Image result for improving ideas

We will be budgeting our money and buying the materials and resources online – ensuring we price our products to cover our costs.

Image result for budgeting money

We will then be looking at the different roles in a business and learning how to use money.

We will be inviting you in to ‘buy’ some of the pupil’s creations. (Date to follow)

Image result for elfs         Image result for sterlingmoney


It’s great to see how excited the pupils are about creating and building Christmas crafts. If you have any suggestions of what our ‘Elves’ next challenge could be – let me know!

Week 2

Singing fun!



Firework safety

We have been learning about why we celebrate Bonfire night and firework safety. We created super firework pictures and created Firework safety posters.


Spooky spiders

We were learning about the ‘SP’ sound and created ‘spectacular spooky spiders.’




We have been learning how to use Microsoft Word. We had great fun trying to format text by changing size and colour and learning how to insert pictures. Ask us how to do this at home.




We were challenged to create Bonfire night acrostic poems! We brainstormed lots of adjectives about fireworks and worked hard to create acrostic poems.

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Diwali lanterns

This week we were learning about Diwali. Ask us why people celebrate Diwali. We made great Diwali lanterns.

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Remembrance dayImage result for poppys

There were many questions throughout the week about why people were wearing poppys. Many of the children thought it was only for adults to wear. We watched some videos and learned about why/who we remember on the 11th November and each made a poppy to wear.


What a fabulous week. Have a super weekend P2K.

Term 2 -Welcome back!

Below is an overview of our timetable for term 2. This will show you the days the children have activities out of the classroom that may require them to bring in resources etc.


Image result for timetable cartoonP2K TimetableImage result for timetable cartoon

Monday – Assembly, homework due, reading day

Tuesday – Library

Wednesday – P.E. with Miss Macrae, ICT, homework given out

Thursday – Health with Mrs COX, reading day

Friday – P.E. with Miss Macrae


As it is the start of term can you please ensure your child has the following in school:

  • A named gym kit
  • A named apron or smock for art
  • A named ‘rainy day’ job for indoor break and lunches. Cards, a colouring book or something similar works well. All of the above can be left in school.


Please feel free to comment on our blog! If you have any questions please put a note in your child’s folder or see me at the end of the day, thank you for your support.


Looking forward to seeing you all at parents night next week. Days/times are in your child’s reading folder.

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The classroom was filled with excitement on Tuesday morning as a cauldron appeared. We week we learned about the features of instructional writing.  We were learning about time connectives (firstly, next, after, lastly) and bossy verb (stir, mix, sprinkle).

Image result for cauldron




Our maths lessons this term will be split into 2 parts – number and shape.


We will be learning about the properties of 3D shapes – faces, edges and vertices.

Image result for 3d shape


In Maths we will be moving on and learning about the 2 times table and how we write multiplication questions.

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