Dunyvaig Dig

On Tuesday 27th of August the whole school went to Dunyvaig to contribute in a archaeology dig .  A kind lady called Sophie was are tour guide showing us all the stations, for some stations examples there was a digging in the trench, photography and looking at findings and lots more.

Personally I think that everyone loved the digging the most because the pride of finding some thing is just amazing but it was probably because we got to get dirty on a school day! But when I was digging I was the only one who found something from p6/7 and I found a broken part off a clay pigeon. When we were at the photography station we got to use a professional camera and are group made silly videos and I videoed it because I don’t like cameras.

But the last thing my group did was my favorite we got to hold and see all the artifacts from last year and this year.  My favorite thing was the half a cannon ball they thought that it was from a attack when clan Donald attacked Dunyvaig.  And another cool thing from last year was a stamp with a name and date on it.  And their most recent find was a broach from the 17th century.  Then sadly the day had to end.

By Caitidh

P4/5 Wind Turbines


Our class  have made wind turbines.  We made a wind turbine out of paper, pencil, sticks, string, pin tape ,string and scissors.

We stuck the pencil to the table and attached the string to the pencil. After that we put a hole in the middle of the blades. There is a cup you cut a two holes in it you put your string through the holes in the cup . Then you get a hairdryer and push the blades around.


The Fantastic Eco Group

eco logo 2

On Friday afternoons Port Ellen primary  all do citizenships and one of the groups are called the Eco Group and the people that are in the Eco group are Holly, Abi, Kaya, Katie, Matthew, Rowan, Sophie and Harmony. What the Eco group do is we try and do litter picking to keep Port Ellen playground tidy. On some of the afternoons we do beach cleans to keep the beach clean and we are hoping to clean the pond, have an Eco day, plant flowers, tidy the round house, clean up the weeds and plant trees. Also our slogan is SAVE THE PLANET!


By The Fantastic Eco Group.

Orienteering P5/6/7 Topic.

P1010222The P5/6/7’s in Port Ellen Primary School are doing a topic on Orienteering. We had to learn about reading maps properly so we could find the posts quicker. When we did Orienteering, Mrs Clark our teacher, timed us and she said whoever came quickest back got to design a orienteering course for us to find the flags. It was great fun. We all were with a partner. We all were very puffed after orienteering but we all had fun, and we all are looking forward to do Orienteering again soon!

The New Primary 1s

p1sOur new P1s are liking the school. There are 6 of them that have just started at Port Ellen. Everybody likes the school lunches, the uniform and the teachers. They have even started learning their letter sounds. Their favourite part of the school day is break!