RAF Endeavour

IMG_0426I got the idea because I want to work in the RAF when I am older.

I planned to make a model plane and research about most of the planes and drone.   wanted to work in the RAF when I am older.

I have started my model plane and done a lot of research about all the planes because I got a recruitment package of the RAF with lots of facts about the planes.

Starting my model plane was something I overcame as well as doing a lot of research.

Mrs Clark helped me do my model plane with the glue and knife.

I will share a sway a model plane and a lot of reaserch. I will let them fly the plane out side along the grass and they can look at the recruitment package.

Writing My Story For Endeavour

P1010936For my Endeavour this year I chose to write a story. My Story is about a Storm that hits the west coast of Scotland, when the storm hits a village in Scotland called Pugsville a family that are called the Camerons. One of their dogs run away then late at night they realize their dog is missing and they go looking for her.

Where Did I Get My Idea From?- Since I love reading and writing I thought I would do it as my Endeavour.

What Have I Achevied?- So far I have achevived my first draft of my story and some of my pictures.

Who Helped Me?- Mrs.Clark, Mrs.Cuthsworth and my mum.

What Will I Share With People At The End?- At the end I will try sell my book.

What Problems Have I Overcome?- The problem that I have overcome was finding out how to put my book onto a kindle.

How Did I Plan My Endeavour?- I planned my my characters by drawing them twice to see which one was better then I picked it to be in my book, I planned my story by doing a storyboard.



Fashion In The Past Century Endeavour

IMG_0422For my Endeavour this year I am studying clothes in the past 100 years because I am really interested in what people wore in the past compared to what people wear now. I got my idea from sewing and clothes designing because it includes sewing and different clothes designs. I planed my Endeavour with a long term planner which helps me with what I am doing for as long as I do Endeavour this year and I also use a short term planner which I use to help me plan what I am going to do for our Endeavour afternoon on Thursdays. I have achieved sewing my drindle skirt from the 1950s but I still need to finish another dress. For my Endeavour Mrs MacFarlane has helped me and so has my Mum. At the end of my Endeavour I will have two dresses to show.

Architecture Endeavour

IMG_0436This year my Endeavour is Architecture. I got the idea of doing Architecture because I don’t know anything about Architecture and I wanted to learn more about it. I have achieved a model house, a plan for my model and lots of research to help do my Endeavour. I planned my Endeavour by doing my long term planner. Long term planner is a planner that has writing on it which what I wanted to do in my endeavour. A problem I have overcome is when I was making my house it broke and I had to start again. My mum has helped me with my Endeavour at home and my teacher Mrs Clark has helped me in school and a teacher from the high school Mr Pollack sent me an email. At the end of my Endeavour I will have to show my model house my plan for it research and a big board of what I have have done in my Endeavour.

Wooden Toys Endeavour

IMG_0420My Endeavour is on making wooden toys. I choose this Endeavour because I wanted to try something new and this year your Endeavour had to relate to the world of work. This project  I can sell the products I make to people at the Endeavour fair.

I got my idea one night when I was watching my dad make a gate for where he was working this inspired me to chose this project.

I got my plan from looking on the internet where I saw loads of cute and really good ideas so I took some put them together and made my plan.

I have achieved lots of things like a pram, 2 jigsaws, lots of plans and wooden box with alphabet letter.


My Amazing Baking Project!

IMG_0028I have been doing a Endeavour Project on Baking. I chose Baking for my Endeavour because I had never done Baking before. I planned it by using a Endeavour planner. I wrote all the things that I wanted to do for it. I have achieved doing baking for all the class and making pizza for the whole school to eat. I have also achieved on nearly doing my Recipe Book with all the recipes that I have cooked so far. There has been a few problems that I have overcome. Sometimes I can’t go baking with Mary because she is busy and I had problems when I could not find books with recipes that I need in them. Mrs MacFarlane helped me when I was going baking at school. Mrs Holyoake also helped me by lending me her recipes for me to use. Out of school, Holly’s gran Mary helped me bake things for my sisters bake sale for her Endeavour. Nearly every Saturday, I go to Mary’s house to do some baking. At the Endeavour fair, I will be showing a recipe book, A taste table with all the recipes typed on a sheet of paper, and a video of me baking, and top 5 recipes that you can bake at home.


Sweet Making Endeavour

IMG_0025For my Endeavour this year I have picked to do sweet making. The reason I have picked to do sweet making is because I really like sweets and I really wanted to learn how to make them myself. I have made lots of diffrent types of sweets such as honeycomb, peppermint creams and lots more. The only problem I have had so far with my Endeavour is running out of time for the sweet to set so I had to leave the sweet till the next day. Mrs MacFarlane has helped me in the kitchen with making sweets and she has also helped me come up with sweets to make for the week after. At the end of my Endeavour I will have lots of sweets to show and for people to try and a video of me making sweets and I will share some recipes and even have invented my own sweets.

What I Achieved Through The Holidays

oysterflyThrough the holiday I managed to achieve 2 walks up to Lagavulin with my mum and my dog both times , we didn’t meet anyone and 2 trips to the Singing Sands. The first time I went to the Singing Sands it was just me, my mum and my dog but the second time I went it was me, my mum, Emily, Eva, Charlet-Rose, Patricia, Eva’s Auntie Katie and Chloe. Eva’s mum and auntie brought their dogs as well and luckily there were no goats to chase!


I also managed to find a website called “plot a route.’’ It is where lots of people share different places to walk, cycle, run and many more activities. Its a great website:)

The Scottish Mathematical Challenge

P1020045This year pupils at Port Ellen primary school took part in the Scottish Mathematical Challenge where they had to answer problem solving questions 3 times over the year showing their working out. To get a bronze award you couldn’t lose more than 10 points, to get a silver award you couldn’t lose more than 6 points and to get a gold award you couldn’t lose more than 3 points. Rebecca, Katie, Ross and Matthew got a bronze award and I got a silver award missing out on a gold award by only one point! I feel happy because I got a silver I am also very surprised because I didn’t think my problem solving was that good. One of the questions was “Maureen, Alice and Siobhan are three young sisters, in that order of age. Alice is two years older than Siobhan. Each year, their wealthy aunt gives each of them, for each year of her age, as many pounds as she is years old. For example, on her first birthday a girl would receive one pound and on her third birthday nine pounds. The aunt has promised to continue this family custom with each girl until her twelth birthday. This year Maureen received as much as Alice and Siobhan put together.
How much will Siobhan receive next year?” I found this quite tricky.  There was also a question about a diagram that represents a rectangular net, which is made from string notted together at different points. Another one was about a diving competition where there are 5 judges that each awards a whole-number from 1-10 and you had to work out all the possible scores awarded.  It was really challenging but helped me get better at my maths problem solving.  There is an award ceremony in June in Glasgow.  Next year I will try to get a gold.

Wild Weather


P3/4 investigated extreme weather events as part of their weather topic.  Charlet Rose found out about the flash flooding in Boscastle in 2004.  She discovered the cause of the flooding and used weather data to show the rainfall pattern over this event.  She found out how the flash flooding affected the people and the disruption it caused.  This was a great piece of work that pulled together learning in literacy, numeracy and social studies. Well done Charlet Rose.

Scottish Country Dancing

For the Day of Dance, which is when children from other schools come to Bowmore hall and we all do different dances, we have been practicing  different dances in partners. We have learned the Dashing White Sergeant and much more. It has improved our level of fitness and we have learned to work together in groups and partners better. We have also improved our listening skills because we have to listen to the teachers so we  know how to do the dances.

It is energetic and you can meet your friends and maybe new friends when we practice the dances and go to the day of dance and we will learn and get better at Scottish country dancing.

Fitness Club

Struan and Ronan are starting up a new club on a Wednesday and will be taking p 3,4,5.  It will be running in the hall and out side when it is nice.  Thy are going to be taking them for runs around the school and doing circuit courses in the hall.  They are doing it as part of Struan’s Endevour which is fitness. It will be running at lunch time.

The Euroquiz With Port Ellen Primary

The Euroquiz is a quiz about Europe. There are four rounds, Geography, Languages, History and sports. The group of four became a pair because two people were absent on the day which didn’t help our chances. We had one back-up who had been practicing hard with the others but they still needed another person so Kaitlyn volunteered to do it.

The first round was Geography of Europe.  Some questions were about flags, landmarks and capital cities. To do this round they had to watch a powerpoint on the big board then they had to write the answer on an answer sheet.

The second round was languages. In the languages round they listened to Spanish, Italian and French. To do this round the teacher would ask a question then they would listen to it in Spanish, then Italian and finally French after that they would translate what the people said in the languages, then they would listen to it again to make sure they got the right answer, finally they would write their answer down on the answer sheet and hand it in to the teacher.

The third round was history. For the history round it asked questions about the History of Europe and some questions were about dates some countries joined the EU and what countries were the first to join the EU.

The last round was about sports. It had questions about sport and where some sports clubs are. To do the round it was the same as the first and the third round just with sports questions instead of geography and history.

The four pupils from Port Ellen Primary School who competed in the Argyll And Bute Euroquiz came 5th out of 5 schools-last!  But everyone enjoyed themselves and had good fun.

Science week at the High School


On Wednesday 16th March all of the p7 in Argyll and Bute went over to the Islay High School to learn about science, because it was science week.

At the High School we made our own crystals and we also had to try and make a light go on by connecting wires. We all really enjoyed the science and we learnt a lot of new things to do with science. The next day in Port Ellen Primary School p3/4 and p5/6/7 invited our parents in to come and see some of the science we had done working with partners.

We set up lots of tables with lots of different activities such as a Islay map where you had to label lots of different rocks, cakes, the rock cycle, volcano, and much more.

It was great fun.

Geology With P5/6/7

p567 050P5/6/7 have been doing geology as their topic. They have been learning about renewable and non-renewable energy. Renewable sources are sources that will not run out and non-renewable sources are sources that will run out. They also have been learning how the energy is converted into electricity. They made posters on renewable and non-renewable sources. Some non-renewable sources are coal, gas, oil and nuclear power. Renewable sources are wind power, solar power, geothermal, tidal power and biomass. Wind power is using a wind-mill and when the wind comes it spins the wind-mill and creates electricity. They will be going on a field trip to smash up rocks next Friday.

Swimming School Nationals

On Saturday 30th January I went to the swimming nationals in Tollcross. It was double the size of the local pool because Tollcross is 50 meters long and Bowmore is 25.  Tollcross was built for the commonwealth games. There was about 1,500 people including spectators and swimmers. There was 10 lanes in the pool so it was 10 people in a race. I was swimming backstroke and the person in my race broke the Scottish record.  I came 30th out of the whole of Scotland. We also got a swimming cap, a t shirt and a jumper as souvenirs.

by Ross Thompson

Writing Competition

warhP567 entered a writing competition around Argyll And Bute. We had to write a story based on a piece of art. The people who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd got books for a prize. After we wrote our essay, the people in our class voted to see whose essay was the best in our class. The people who had the most votes in our class got entered to the competition. I got entered to the competition and when the results for the competition got announced, I came joint second! I had so much fun writing it and I look forward to other writing competitions throughout the year!  Read my story here https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/ab/SAL/files/2016/01/JASMINE-MIDDLETON.pdf


P1010609P567 have been doing a topic on Poetry and Abstract art. First, we looked at some abstract art online by famous artists. We said how we felt about them. Then, our teacher said that we could make our own abstract print and a poem to go with it. We all planned our poems and our print. I did Nightmares as my poem and I made a print with it. Afterwards, we planned a poem with at least 3 verses.  We also learned about Kennings, Hakius and a few other poem sorts. We all made our own Kennings. We really enjoyed our topic very much. P1010597

P5/6/7 Swimming Lessons

P5/6/7 go swimming on Tuesday mornings to get ourselves ready for our swimming gala. We learn how to do front crawl and how you take a breath. You do three strokes and tilt your head to the side and take a breath. We also learned how to float; you take a deep breath in and then go onto your front or your back. We also learned how to sink you take a deep breath and when you are under water let it all out and then close your mouth. That is what we do at swimming lessons.


This term is the time our class is really starting going with Endeavour. Endeavour is when you choose a topic to do by yourself and our class have written a letter to someone who could give us advice on our topic. Here is an example of our topics; Book writing, Card making, SSPCA, RAF and baking.


The Fabulous Panto

DSCN3283The children of Port Ellen Primary School had a panto and P5/6/7 and part of P4 had most of the main parts but all the classes were on the stage at the end. The panto was called What a Knight and it was about the legend of King Aurthur. The main characters are Kitty and Watt Cobblers they are mother and son. They were played by Ruaraidh Macdonald And Eva Munro. It was on the 10th and the 11th of December 2015. There was also bad guys in it and they were the Black Knight and Ernie and Bernie Blackhead and they were evil. Then we had Princesses Alberta, Alfreda and Alice. Two of them dressed like princesses and the other one was like a peasant. And at the end we were singing with the audience Winter Wonderland and Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.  I really enjoyed it.


Muffins P5/6/7

IMG_0221 IMG_0222  P5/6/7  of Port Ellen primary school have been making muffins in their table groups. The table with the most profit wins. Here is what they made. One table made a mint icing Christmas tree with a chocolate sponge. The next table made Santa feet sticking out of the snow with an apple and cinnaman sponge. The next table made a snowman face with a red and vanilla sponge. And the final table used a star design with a chocolate orange flavoured sponge. Some tables spent more than others on there cakes and some tables can’t make a profit on how much they have spent. We did a taste test; first was the snow man, second was the tree, third was the star, and IMG_0223fourth was Santa feet.IMG_0224

Written by

Ross Thompson


This week p5/6/7 have started on their  topic space. We have learnt about our solar system and that Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system. We know that here is a moon or two around a planet and there is also 8 planets in our solar system. We can’t wait to learn more!

We also made constellations from spaghetti and marshmallows.  Here is a Chatterpix of the constellation Cancer:

ICycle Tests

P1010305On Thursday 29th October the whole of p7 did their cycling proficiency tests after practising for a term.  Everybody passed the practical with an A or B, and no one got a C. Once p7 got back up to Port Ellen they did the written test and everybody passed  so it was a success for p7.  We also completed road safety posters as part of our learning.  Well done everyone for all your hard work.

Our Solar System

learning_points_the_solar_system-01For our topic we have been working on the solar system. So far we have learned what is the closest planet to the sun which is Mercury. In school we have been working on the eight planets they are all surrounding the sun.

We have also been learning about the rocky and the giant planets. We are going to tell you about the rocky planets. They are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

Now we are going to tell you about the giant planets. They are Saturn, Jupiter , Uranus and Neptune. Neptune is the furthest away from the sun it is 4.5 billion km away. Neptune has 165 years to complete orbit.  We are learning lots.


Book Review

indexIn September P567 started reciprocal reading groups.  My group was Joe,Eva and Kaya we were reading Vivian French’s book The Robe Of Skulls.  It was about a lady called Lady  Lamorna and she was a woman who was buying a dress with skulls on it.  She did not have enough money to buy it so she grabbed her assistant Gubble, he is a troll.  She told him to get two donkeys for a journey for getting gold from castles. Eventually they introduce a girl who gets locked in a basement because of her step father Mange.  Gracie’s mother had died so she lived her whole life also with her step sister except the whole story changes.  They go on a quest and everyone has fun.  I enjoyed reading this horror style fairytale.


The Amazing Black Tide.

Black Tide is a book by the author Caroline Clough and had lots of adventure. The main character is Toby and in the book he had to try to rescue his little sister Sylvie and his dad. They had been captured by invaders and held captive. All the people who are invaders had a NC tattoo on their wrist and Toby used that to tell who to stay away from because the invaders were after Toby as well.

btAt the beginning Toby had been captured but managed to escape but he didn’t manage to save his family so all through the book he was making up plans to save Sylvie and his dad. He met a girl called Natasha but all her friends call her Tash. In the middle of the book there are dogs and Toby called the biggest, fluffiest, blackest dog Cerberus after Greek mythology.

The author is Caroline Clough and she came to our class for the book fair. It was amazing when she came in and she told us about her family and her childhood and how she became an author. She said there will be another book called Silver Seas and I am really excited about it coming out!

Negative Numbers

P567 have been learning about negative numbers and how they are in temperature. The lowest temperature that negative numbers go down to is -274 degrees and positive numbers go up to infinity. We also learned that negative numbers can some times be in lifts like if there is a basement or a cellar in a hotel or a museum.It also appears in world temperature like the weather might say Paris is -1 degrees and Romania is 16 degrees and all the other countries might be different than Paris or Romania. This is what we have learned.


At the weekend there was a swimming competition in Helensburgh. Three people from Port Ellen primary school took part. These three people were Ross, Struan and Matthew. Islay did very well at the competition with some people getting first, second and third. At the end of the first day all Islay, Kintyre and Oban teamed together to make some relay squads to face Helensburgh relay teams. Then on the next day there was a 3 hour long training session with all people from Argyll and Clyde. It is called path finders or B squad. There is also a A squad for older and more experienced swimmers. Four people from Islay got picked and Ross was the only person from Port Ellen Primary School.

By Ross and Struan