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Music on Islay

On Islay, people play many traditional Scottish instruments such as accordion, bagpipes, tin whistle, chanter, fiddle and voice. On Islay there is a 3 days of workshops called the Feis, where children all ages can go and learn an instrument or expand on what they can already do on their own instrument. The accordion is an instrument that has a keyboard on one side, on the other is buttons, to make a sound you need to pull in and out. Bagpipes is a bag with big pipes coming out the top, a pipe with a blow piece to make the sound and there is 8 holes to put your fingers on. A chanter is the instrument that people learn before going onto the pipes. A tin whistle is a instrument that has 6 holes and mouth piece, most people get it mixed up with a recorder. A fiddle is a mini guitar that you hold under your chin and play it with a bow. What music means to us, its fun to play, good to learn and many people enjoy listening to the music.