Photography Endeavour by Mathew


I am doing an Endeavour on photography and the reason that I am doing this for my endeavour because I won a competition called the My Place Photography Competition 2017.  I won a Nikon COOLPIX with my photo that I took of the old Port Ellen distillery funnels and then the Scottish civic trust entered my photo into the European competition and I placed 17th. Then I won a competition at Bowmore Distillery called the Islay Legends Photography Competition and I got a Cannon camera.

I also completed an online course called Photography Made Easy and it taught me all about photography like what IOS to use in different situations and what F Stop to use for different photos and I also made an Instagram account that has all of my photos on it called @mattsphotos06.


Skin Care And The Beauty Industry Endeavour

Endeavour is a long term person topic of your own choice that has to be ambitious and is carried out all through the year.

My endeavour was on skin care and the beauty industry. I chose this because of Lush. Lush is a well known brand because it is all organic and doesn’t test on animals and I wanted to be able to know how to look after my skin and make products.

In my endeavour I was able to make my own recipe book, which had recipes I had made. I made products to sell. I made a video on how to make lip balm. I had a poster all about animal testing, I also had research and I had a sway that I added to as my endeavour progressed. I also had my Aunty Bam in for an interview because she use to run Body Shops and knows all about working in the industry.  I also learned about the chemistry behind products.

I had to over come problems when I was learning about allergies. I had to keep on checking if the information was reliable.

This year I definitely improved my time management and I was definitely more organised that I was previous years.

The reasons why my endeavour was ambitious was because I had to learn how to follow recipes, I learn about things I didn’t really know about, I also learnt how to write recipes out. I learnt how to make different products.

I want to say a thanks to everyone who helped me. My Aunty Bam for coming in and helping me. My Gran and Papa for letting me use their computer and my Mum for buying me ingredients.

By Eva Munro

Horse Care And Instructing

My Endeavour was Horse Care and Instructing, through my Endeavour  I achieved how to teach someone to ride, a leaflet on diseases, a model horse that is labelled and a poster about safety and care about horses. I chose this Endeavour because it was challenging on what horse care actually is and what it takes t own a horse and how much it costs.

Endeavour is an independant project we chose to work on from October to June then  we share it with family and friends who want to come to the school and see what we ahve learnd. The P7s also go to the High School to share it there aswell to get to know more people and what they have learned.

The skills I learned through out my Endeavour is to be organised all the time and also to watch my time on stuff. In the video I made I thought about editing and that was a struggle. I lost my video half way through my Endeavour so i had to try find all the videos and edit again so that was a struggle so i learned to keep work on a school computer.

In my Endeavour I learned a lot new things, I learned how important safety actually is and how much is costs to buy a horse. Also how to draw horses much better that I did.

Problems I over came in endeavour are my video where it is and what I made my model horse with but I slowly over came these problems.

I shared my learning in a video and on the endeavour day and also on a poster.

I am thankful for the people who helped me through out my Endeavour. The people who helped me are Mrs Clark with my model horse, Harriet at Ballavicar for letting me use her horses and my sister for helping me edit my video.



Endeavour is when you get to choose your own project and do it for the whole year. For this year’s project I choose to do photography because I really like taking photos and I really wanted to see what it was like to take photos and display them to lots of people. Only p5/6/7 do Endeavour but the rest of the school do mini projects. This year I achieved lots, I also learnt new things, I had to overcome lots of problems and I learnt new skills.

I learnt lots of things ; learnt how to take photos, how to hold a camera properly and how to print photos. I learnt some skills ; learning how to write an email, time management, learning how to use a printer, learning how to use photo paper and be organized. I came across a big problem. The big problem was the camera died when I was in the middle of taking a photo, I also got an even bigger problem that the printer ran out of ink. My mum helped me print my photos and she also showed me how to use the printer. Mrs Macfarlane helped me make my photo booth and so did my mum, Mrs Clark gave me some props to go with my photo booth.

By Abi Logan

Magic Endeavour

When you go into p5/6/7 you do endeavour. Endeavour is a long term project that lasts from December to June. When you do endeavour it has to be something you have never done before and it has to be ambitious. This year my endeavour was magic. My endeavour was ambitious because I doing magic is a really big push and you need to be very patient and I have never done magic before and I wanted to try it out. I chose magic because I have seen my dad going around the house doing his magic and I want to be like him one day. Also I have seen dynamo on the TV and I have always wondered how you do the magic tricks so I decided to give it a go. Throughout this endeavour I have achieved lots of things, developed new skills, I learned new things, I had to overcome problems, get help and then I shared my learning with the rest of the school and some of their parents.

For this endeavour I have achieved lots of things like learning eight tricks, a sway about famous magicians and some from the past, a magic show for the nursery, a poster about different types of magic on them, and I did a magic trick on the laptop and in that movie I was through the monitor reading people’s minds. I also developed new skills throughout endeavour. One of the skills I developed was being patient when learning the tricks because you won’t just learn the trick in a night you will have to be patient and keep on practicing, I also had to manage my time well because sometimes you set yourself to much and you don’t have time to do it all but make sure you set yourself a reasonable amount to do and I had to be organised as well I had to be organised because I had to remember all of my things to learn my magic with.

Also when you do endeavour you will have problem you had to overcome. One of my problems with my endeavour is learning the tricks and getting them perfect, another problem that happened throughout my endeavour was being organised because I mostly forgot all of my magic tricks. When you do your endeavour you write to someone that knows things about your endeavour. This year I wrote to Dynamo and so far he has not sent a letter back. I also got help from my dad he has taught me all of the sneaky trick when you are doing the tricks and he helped me learn the magic tricks. My mum also helped me with the posters and putting on the QR code they have been very helpful.

When everyone has finished their endeavour at the start of June all of our mum’s and dad’s will come in and sees your endeavour and other people’s endeavours. I had lots of things to show at the endeavour fair. At the endeavour fair I thought that my endeavour was good and I think that some people liked that video that I made. Most of family came in to see my endeavour and I think they thought it was a good endeavour fair. I thought that there was a lot of good endeavours there and soon enough I wat to be as good as my dad at magic and as good as dynamo. Some day! Here is a little bit of advice for you don’t do something to difficult, don’t expect yourself to get lots done and do well!

Rowan Morris

Holly Birds Endeavour

Endeavour is a long-term project that you can pick to do all through the year for my endeavour was birds. For my endeavour I made three bird boxes, bird food, a sway, a book creator, a photo album of what I’ve done for my endeavour and what I’ve saw, a scrap book with photos I printed out and writing to explain about the photos.

When I was doing endeavour I had a lot of problems to overcome like making my sway, getting photos for my book creator, measuring the right size for my bird box, figuring out how to layout my stuff at the endeavour fair, how I was going to finish everything in time for the endeavour fair.

The skills I learnt through my endeavour is how to blog, how to make a sway, how to make a book creator, how to manage my time, patience, how to build bird houses, how to do a good layout, how to give a report.

My endeavour is ambitious because I didn’t know a thing about birds. Also because I planned to do a lot of things that are very challenging like building a bird box but instead of building one I built three, I also planned to make a sway all about migration, to make a book creator that related to everything in my endeavour, to learn all about bird anatomy, and share my learning with others.

A lot of people kindly helped me with my endeavour like David wood who was a big help he gave me tones of great facts about bird migration and he told me about what they do at work and why they do it. Mrs Macintyre was also a big help because she let me come into the nursery and do the bird watch with everyone.

At the endeavour fair you have to share your learning with others. When people came to my stall they asked me a lot of questions like why I chose birds as my endeavour, what I have done for it and they just asked me about the birds and other questions. I am very pleased with my endeavour and what I’ve achieved throughout endeavour.

By Holly Mckechnie

Endeavour Rebecca

Endeavour is a long term project that primary 5/6/7 work on. You can choose what you do yourself but it can’t be something you already know how to do, it has to be something new and ambitious. We do endeavour so that we can learn and be independent and not get your teacher to do it for you. This also means that you can learn for yourself and learn new skills.

When I was doing endeavour a developed lots of new skills. I learned how to use wix, how to be organised, time management and presentation skills. These skills have helped me a lot with my endeavour because usually I am not very organised and I think that this endeavour has helped me be more organised.

With this endeavour I have learned how to use a website builder called wix. For my endeavour I was creating a website for kids and what they can do on Islay. My website was called Islay Kidz Information. I wanted to make my website for kids because I am a child and I live on Islay and I would like children to know what a good island Islay is and what they can do on it.

I think that my project was ambitious because I have never made a website before and it was hard to get used to wix but I got there in the end. To share my learning I showed people my website and I asked them to evaluate my endeavour. I also made a quiz for them to do at my stall so that they wouldn’t be bored.

My Mum and Dad helped me with my endeavour because my Mum helped me with my website and my Dad took the videos that are on my website with his drone. I remember one day my Mum was helping me with my website and she deleted all of the writing on that page and we both got really annoyed. I also accidentally deleted a page and it was the only page I had completed.

When I was building my website I had to overcome a lot of problems. I deleted a whole page and my Mum deleted all of my writing as well. I was really proud with what I achieved this year for my endeavour.

You can see my website here:

Animation Endeavour By Sophie

Every Wednesday in the afternoon we do endeavour, endeavour is when you chose a topic to learn about and present stuff at the endeavour. For my endeavour I chose animations. I chose animations because as a kid I loved watching cartoons, my favourite was probably morph. Morph was a guy made out of clay that did silly things like annoy his friends and that kind of stuff, the cartoon morph was an animation!

At the endeavour fair I presented my Lego animation that I made for rejig, the animation was about how people drop litter on the beach and how they don’t think about what it can effect. The skills I learned while doing my endeavour was patience, time management and learning to use imotion. Imotion is the app I used to make my animations.

During my endeavour I learned that no matter how hard you try in your endeavour, you will still make mistakes. I made a lot of mistakes in my animations like; my hand getting in the way or the camera moving out of place or that I moved the character in the animation too far. Making animations is actually very stressful!

The problems I had to overcome was iPad glitches or that the animation was too short or something like that. Animations was a new learning for me because I had never made Animations before and I had never made animation be for either. It was a bit tricky at first but I got there in the end.

The person that helped me with my endeavour was Mrs Clark, she taught me how to make animations and how to keep the camera steady, and she also showed me how to get good lighting so thank you Mrs Clark! I shared my learning by putting my animation on a key and they I put it on the screen at the endeavour fair with a lode of other amazing videos. For people that do endeavour next year I just want to say whatever you chose you need to make it interesting or else it won’t be as good as an endeavour project that you will enjoy! Good luck to people next year!

Taylor’s Endeavour on Sports on Islay

Endeavour last from December to June which means we have seven months to prepare for endeavour. Endeavour is a long term personal project where you can choose a project to do and this year I done sports on Islay.

For my endeavour lots of people helped me like my dad and my mum. I was also helped by muc-off because they sent me some stuff after I write a letter to them. Muc-off sent me a signed poster, a sighed t-shirt, a hat and twenty five stickers. My dad helped me with my cycle and my mum helped me plan different routes to draw out.

To share my learning I made a documentary of me doing different sports and other people doing sports. I done a sway on all the different sports on Islay. I made a kayak from Lagavulin bay round Texa and back. I also write down on a piece of paper what I did in my endeavour.

I made my project ambisous by giving my self-time limits to get stuff done some times it did get me to work others it didn’t and I would not get that thing done which meant that the time I should be doing something else which means my endeavour won’t be as good as I want it.

I had come over a lot of problems like my computer with my documentary had to go away so I had to restart it which meant I didn’t have everything. I also had to come over that the letter I sent was sent back to me is my mum helped me send it to a new address muc-off that my mum found.

I learned that Islay do lots more sports than you actually thing Islay do football, rugby, rowing, cycling, running, kayaking, swimming and lots more. I also learnt that you can send letters to a huge company that works with big people and get replied that is breath taking.Taylors Endeavour on Sports on Islay

Electricity and Engineering

Endeavour is a long term project which you can pick your endeavour topic. At the end you must present your endeavour to other people. My endeavour is electricity and I have learnt new skills and have achieved lots.

I feel like I didn’t work hard enough because I was off track when I was doing endeavour and I usually chatted with other people and checked out their endeavours. I learnt the speed of electricity. I learnt what makes electricity and I learnt other ways of making an electrical circuit than the basic circuit building The problems I had where that I constantly needed help from teachers and also had to be watched when I soldered. The skills I learnt were better time management and better presentation skills. The people who helped me were Mrs Clark, Mrs Macmillan and Mr Kitching. I am most proud of my soldered kit as it took about an hour or two to complete. The hardest part of my endeavour was when I had to use the soldering kit and to actually not struggle you had to have a very still hand.

Bath and Beauty

For my Endeavour topic I did Beauty and Bath. Endeavour is a long term personal project where you get to choose something to do that you might not be good at or might have never did before. In Endeavour you don’t pick something that is easy or hard you pick something that you will find problems to overcome and maybe a wee bit challenging. Because I was doing Beauty and Bath I decided to make Bath bombs. I chose to make bath bombs over anything else to do with beauty and bath because when I was little I always loved getting bath bombs from different stores like Lush so I wanted to make them for everyone to buy at the Endeavour fair.
When I was making my bath bombs my mum helped me because I was needing someone to help film the video I made on how to make bath bombs, making sure that I was measuring everything correctly and to make sure nothing went wrong. A funny thing/problem that happened while I was making my bath bombs was that when I was making my first set I put too much food colouring into the mixture and they kept on swelling and swelling until they turned into the shape of cakes!
The skills I learned  was being able to space out everything I did, being able to be patient, overcoming challenges like the bath bombs that turned out like cakes, making a questionnaire on excel and making bath bombs. The main thing I achieved was having time to do everything and getting on with work even though I could of did more stuff if I focused at the start of the year. My endeavour was ambitious because I had never did bath bomb making but during the end of the year I felt like I had achieved a huge amount of things. I also feel very proud of my endeavour this year because this was my first year doing endeavour so that means that everyone else has had a head start and knew what was expected to happen. This means that hopefully I can do even better next year for endeavour.  See my video below.
By Lauren Macdonald P6


Sarah Endeavour

Endeavour Review

Endeavour is a long-term personal topic where everyone in P5/6/7 gets to pick his or her own project. The project has to be ambitious. Endeavour lasts from Christmas to July. My Endeavour was on giant pandas because for my birthday I adopted a panda.

My Endeavour was ambitious because I didn’t know much about giant pandas so I had to learn a lot and do a lot of research.

During my Endeavour I had to get people to help me but I did a lot by myself, I got help from the WWF and Edinburgh Zoo because they gave me a lot of information that I couldn’t find on the internet. The people that helped me were my dad, my mum, Mrs Clark, WWF, Edinburgh Zoo and National Geographic.

For my Endeavour I achieved a sway, an enclosure, a poster, a quiz, description for my enclosure, Chinese Calligraphy, annotated picture of giant panda and a panda cupcake fundraiser. The things I have learned are facts about giant pandas, how to write giant panda in Chinese calligraphy, how to draw giant pandas and skills. The skills I have learned during Endeavour are time management and organisation.

During Endeavour everyone had to overcome problems I had to overcome quite a few problems. My problems were when I had to make my enclosure, my picture, my poster and my quiz. When I was making my enclosure at first I had made it out of a cardboard type thing and the fence was made out of Popsicle sticks and they kept falling over. To fix my problem I re made my enclosure out of wood. My second problem was with my panda picture because when I first attempted it it didn’t work out. My poster problem was that I had completed my poster but then I had facts that weren’t accurate so I had to re do my poster. My final problem was with my quiz the problem was that I had done my quiz on my computer at home but my computer wouldn’t print so I had to re do it at school and print it off.

The thing I found the most difficult was my enclosure because it didn’t work out and it took a very long time.  I will try something more challenging next year.

Games Design Endeavour 2017

Endeavour review

For endeavour I am doing Kodu lab game. Endeavour is an ambitious project which you have to complete in a few months and then you demonstrate it at the endeavour fair.

Kodu is a game which gives you tools which allow you to make your own game. I made 11 levels and 8 children came and 3 adults came too.

I think I did well because I managed to the time and all my levels were completed.  What I need to do next time is to be more specific on what to do in the levels and I need to make the levels easier.

In endeavour here are the skills I learnt: How to work independently, How to code a successful Kodu game, How to show what I have accomplished/achieved and how to effectively gather facts.

I hope to be able to use the information I learnt to code in a computer programming/coding company when I grow up.

A problem I had to overcome is when I didn’t know what to do for the levels but I overcame it by asking other people on what I should do.

My project was ambitious because I wanted to be able to create better Kodu games and to have knowledge of coding.

I shared my learning by writing down facts which people could read and by creating a playable game.

Mrs. Clark helped me by showing how do code and my friends helped me by giving me level ideas.

A Visit For Endeavour!

On Tuesday  21st February P5/6/7 of Port Ellen went to Bowmore Primary School to talk about Endeavour. We were all partnered with someone from Bowmore And they had to take us around their school and to talk to us about Endeavour. We had to fill in a sheet about what we had achieved and get our partener to fill the other side in. Most people found it better when we were working with Bowmore Primary but some of us didn’t.

This is what  people are doing for Endeavour –

Charlie- Cal Mac Boats Around Islay

Darren- Golf

Taylor- Sports On Islay

Jack- Golf Design

Kaitlyn- Cake Decorating

Sarah- Giant Pandas

Ciaran- Electricity and Engineering

Natalie- Horse Riding

Sophie- Animation

Aaron- Art

Rowan- Magic

Abi- Photography

Aidan- Deforestation

Lauren- Bath and Beauty

Matthew- Comic And Animation

Eva- Skin Care And Beauty Industry

Holly- Birds

Ellie- Toys In The Past

Rhys- Kodu Game Lab

Struan- Fitness And Bones In The Body

Kaya- Famous Poetry

Rebecca- Islay Heritage

Ruaraidh- Writing A Book

Andre- Graphic Novels

And we fell that everyone is getting on very well with there Endeavour. Good luck to everyone with there Endeavour prodject!!

by Natalie and Sophie.


Endeavour 2016 Final Thoughts

Lots of community interest

Lots of community interest

The purpose of this blog has been to share the Endeavour project at Port Ellen Primary, and over the past year we have detailed the challenge and enjoyment of this learning  journey.  It was also set up to highlight how Endeavour can help children make links and develop skills for future careers, as part of Education Scotland’s Developing the Young Workforce.



In their final evaluations all children were able to make successful links to how their projects would help them in future careers; with some of the projects like architecture, interior design or card making business the career links were obvious, but all were able to identify specific skills like time management, risk assessment or presenting to others.

Children could say what new learning they had achieved; learning how to use a sewing machine, working a jigsaw cutter to make a wood toy, reading a map, building a model plane, coding a game, creating a mood board, filming and editing a documentary.  They were also able to identify problems they had solved in the process of their project; how to read scales correctly when cooking, how to reinstate accidentally deleted video footage, understanding Shakepeare’s language, correct use of a knife for chopping and getting notes out on time for advertising a jewellery sale.

Sweet making

Sweet making

Sharing their learning during the Endeavour fair was the final stage of the process and the variety and depth of learning on show was excellent, with those who had truly pushed themselves in their learning able to talk in depth about their Endeavour projects.  There was jewellery, wooden toys, graphic design t-shirts and cards for sale; a video game to play; cakes, sweets and mexican food to try; videos on Shakepeare, horse riding, fitness, card making and diving to watch;  a book and magazine to buy and read and lots of models of farms, houses and planes.

And those who took part this year were already coming up with exciting new ideas for next year…

Diving Endeavour

Here is the video produced by Bronagh for her Diving Endeavour.  She learned to scuba dive with her dad and wrote about the wrecks around Islay and created a risk assessment as well.  Bronagh was the winner of this years Endeavour Award for her independent work, successful management of time, learning of challenging new skills and excellent self evaluation.  Well done Bronagh!

Our Endeavour Fair

On Tuesday 7th June Primary 5,6,7  of Port Ellen Primary showed everyone their Endeavour Projects. The fair was all afternoon.  Some people sold things they had made and some had videos to show. Kaitlyn sold jewellery, Sarah sold her book, Jasmine sold her magazines, Sophie sold her jigsaws, Abi sold her cards, Joe sold T-shirts and Katie was selling sweets and popcorn. Some people had things for other people to try; Matthew, who was doing House building, had children  cementing bricks and Ronan had his video game for people to play and Ellie had mexican food for people to eat and Kaya had made a strawberry cake and some people had quizzes. Everyone had a different project and we had lots of visitors from the local community who really enjoyed the afternoon. Most of the people that came bought something. Everyone had fun showing people their Endeavour.

by Sarah

Endeavour Showcase

We are nearing the end of this years Endeavour projects.  On Tuesday afternoon the children will have an opportunity to show off their learning to visitors; parents, students, teachers and the local community.  They have worked hard all year improving their planning, management, organisation, evaluation and presentation skills.  Now they get to present that learning to a wider audience.

After the showcase children have one final task- to review and reflect on their achievements.  They have to answer questions:   What new learning did I achieve?  How was my project challenging?  Did I have any problems to overcome?  Who or what helped with my project?  What did I create with my new learning?  Did I achieve all my targets?  How did I share my learning?

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 14.42.03 Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 14.41.55 Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 14.41.40 Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 14.41.25














They will look at the universal learning with regards to planning,reviewing, researching and presenting and the success criteria and decide how successful they have been.  From their they will decide on next steps.  These reviews, in the form of a PPT will be printed out and shared with parents in their learning logs.

Horses and Riding Endeavour

IMG_6145This year for my Endeavour I am doing a documentary on horses and riding. I chose to do this because I have been riding since I was 5 (Almost 7 years) and I absolutely love horses. I have never made a documentary before, and I wanted to try something new.

I planned my Endeavour on a planning sheet that our teacher made for us. It had all of the months that we do our Endeavour and in them box’s I put what I want to achieve during that amount of time.

I have planned my documentary and I am also doing a Pony Care Book that I have planned out. I have filmed most of my documentary.

I have had lots of problems to overcome during my Endeavour such as, storage on my phone, having good days to film

SSPCA Endeavour

My Endeavour project is the SSPCA. i choose this for my endeavour because I love animals and I want to become a vet when I am older.

I used a long term Endeavour planner to help me plan my whole Endeavour project. i use a plan-d0-review to plan what I would do for my Endeavour every week.

The things I will show at the end is a magazine about the SSPCA and about caring for your animals like, cats, dogs, horses, snakes, fish and more.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

P1020206For my Endeavour I am doing recycling and how to recycle I am trying to show people what can be made out of what other people consider rubbish instead of throwing them away. I got my idea from when I put things into the bin because there is always to much things in there and when my mum puts things into the clothing bank. I planned my Endeavour by filling in a long term planner. The person that has helped me with most with my Endeavour is Mrs Macfarlane. The problems that I had to overcome was when I was sewing because I sewed on the out side instead of inside so I had to do it again.   So far I have up cycled a tin can by painting it and then putting flowers love hearts and other things on it, then a photo frame by spay painting it and then finding things like stones, string and buttons and get out the glue gun and put them on and then I up cycled some dungarees by making it into a bag. At the end of Endeavour I will be showing what I have made and show all of the common materials how to up cycle and a before and after scrap book.

By Rowan Morris

Jewellery Endeavour

pics 021My Endeavour is jewellery making and I chose this Endeavour because I have never made proper jewellery before and I thought it would be challenging. I planned my Endeavour with a long term planner where I filled in what I would do in all the months. I have managed to make some jewellery like bracelets, necklaces and some earrings I have also made a video on how to make some of my jewellery. A problem that I overcome was when I started to make a video and I realised that I didn’t have any lobster clasps left so I just put tape around the edges of the wire but now I have lobster clasps. Mrs Campbell helped me by giving me 4 books on jewellery making, my mum helped me by buying all the things and Ortwin Thyssen helped me by replying to my letter. I will share my jewellery and sell it and I will have a leaflet on jewellery making.

Farming Endeavour

sheep3This year for my Endeavour I am doing farming.  I picked this Endeavour because I want to be a farmer and it seems a lot of fun with my brother when he helps on my uncle’s farm.  I have made a farming diary and I have made a presentation, a fact file and a quiz.  I think it is really interesting that sheep can remember for many years.  A problem I have overcome is that I don’t like cows but I have still worked with them.  I would improve my time management next time I do Endeavour.

By Darren

House Building Endeavour

This year Endeavour has a world of work focus and I chose house building. I chose House Building because I wanted to find out how to build a house.  I planned my Endeavour using a long term planner. I have achieved building a model house, sent a letter to an architect, made a powerpoint and some more. I have had a few problems with the cement and making the roof.  I have had help from my dad with cutting the wood and Mr Pollock gave me some tips in my letter. I will sow my house and powerpoint at the end.

William Shakespeare – Endeavour

shakespeare-sonnet29For my Endeavour I have chosen to do all about William Shakespeare because this year its based on your world of work and when I’m older  I want to be an actress.  I wrote a letter to The Royal Shakespeare Company and I got a reply saying to try Helena’s speech from a Midsummer Night Dream. I’ve done a powerpoint all about William Shakespeare and made a video of the monologue.  Now we are also learning about Shakespeare in  class.



The Fantastic Card Making

P1020063Hi I am Abi and I am going to tell you what my Endeavour is and what Endeavour is. Endeavour is when you choose your own project for a year and you do it by your self and a little bit of help from adults you also write a letter to someone that could help you with  your project. And I am doing card making because I thought that it would be fun and it would relate to my life when I am older.

I got the idea of Card Making because I knew who could help me with my Endeavour. And the person that could help me was Mrs Murray and my mum  and once I sent her the letter after she got it she sent me a hand made letter that she had made. I planned my Endeavour by filling in a plan for the whole year. And in my Eandeavour I have achieved  by making lots of cards and I have done my video.  And the problems that I have overcome was that I did not know how to use a craft knife, so I did a risk assessment.


My Endeavour is on William Shakespeare and one of the things I wanted to achieve was to do a video of a monologue I learned from a Shakespeare play, acting out to show what the words mean.  The monologue I am doing is Helena’s speech from a Midsummers Night Dream, which was recommended to me as a good starting point by Gregory Doran.  Here is my video…

Interior Design Endeavour

IMG_0433For my Endeavour I am doing interior design.  I got my idea from architecture because its basically architecture inside a house. I planned by filling in a sheet that tells me what I have to do each month. The things I have achieved are making a mood board, designing a cushion, making a model room and painting and upcycling a chair- I am doing the chair seat in the picture. The problems that I’ve had is thinking what to put on my mood board and finding  materials. Mrs Mcfarlane helped me find stuff to put on my cushions.  At the end of my Endeavour I will show the chair that I upcycled, a model living room to put it in and a mood board for it.