Mod in Oban!

During the October break, Port Ellen Gaelic Choir competed at the Mod. We sang our unison, puiert a bheil and two part harmony. We came first in our unison and two part. We also got a third in our puiert a bheil.

Port Ellen also had lots of people doing solos, poems and duets. Lots of people got placed 2nd and 3rd. Eva got got FIRST in her poem. She was over the moon!

This year we also had a boys choir. They got a second in there unison, but it was there first Mod and we all think they did really well!

After a long day we all went back to the guest house for dinner. But before that we had to go and get recorded. As it turned out the recording studio was running late, so we had to go back for dinner. After a tasty dinner we went back and finally got recorded.

We are all proud of our selves and hope to do even better next year!



Photo of Port Ellen Choir after winning there Two Part Harmony.

Burns Recordings

Yesterday was Burns Day and we had a poetry competition in school. Each class had to recite their poem in front of judges, and here are the recordings of the winning recitals.

Primary 7 winner was Aileas with To a Mouse by Burns,


From Primary 6 we have Emily with Scots  by Robert Burns,


From Primary 5 Danni with Rose by Burns,

From Primary 4 the winner was Abbie, reading What Will I do Gin My Hoggie Dies by Robert Burns.

From primary 3 the winner was Mirren who read Heron by JK Annand.


From primary 2 we have Natalie with Mondays Bairn,

mondays bairn

From Primary 1 Matthew recites Wee WIllie Winkie,

wee willie winkie

Rangers Charity Foundaction

Me and my Auntie Fiona completed the walk with Walter Smith who is the Glasgow Rangers manger. Well me and my Auntie Fiona got this letter through the post and it said you were invited to this evenings ceremony and we got there on Monday night and there was loads of people there, after that the ladies would tell us where to sit and we each got to stand in a queue and wait for our names to be called out and a Rangers player presented our medals to us. On Monday afternoon I got to go and get a picture taken with the Rangers players and get their autographs it was really cool but at the same time I was really shy, but the goalkeeper gave my a signed t-shirt that said best wishes Allan.

By Alicia

Our Achievements At The Mod

On Sunday 16th October the Port Ellen Primary Gaelic Choir flew off on an aeroplane to Stornoway.  It took us 40 minutes to get there and it was 20 minutes less than what it normally is.  The next day was Monday 17th October that was the day of the mod, the people that were doing poems and solos had to get up quite early to go and do them.  I got a 4th for my poem and for my solo I got a score of 178.  My choir did really well, we won all of our songs that is our 2 unisons, 2 two parts and our Puirt a beul.

By Maisie Logan

Comic Relief

On the 18th March 2011 was comic relief day or some people call it red nose day. Port Ellen Primary School did loads for red nose day. The first thing we did was have a Glow meet with schools all over Scotland. We had a bit of a difficult time because every one kept moving the pods so we only had our turn then we turned off the camera and returned to our red day. Every one dressed up as some thing red just by wearing some thing red. We then had a beach clean in the afternoon and every one went in to groups. I was in group 1 and we went first to go round the street to get money from people for red nose day while every one else cleaned the beach. Aileas and Erin were really good at stopping cars and getting money of them.

All together we raised a whopping £700.

By Emily Logan p5

My Dancing

When I was 5 I started highland dancing and I am still dancing now. My mum and dad even my little sister Natalie supports me very well, even if I don’t win any they always say to me I did my very best and I will get one next time and I am a winner to them. Eilidh and Katie dance with me too and they are great dancers and they support me and we support them. In 2008 I had entered Cowal games and at the end I got my results and I won the runner up trophy, I was jumping for joy when I found out. In 2009 I entered the Dunoon competition and I won the national trophy and I was incredibly pleased with myself and my dancing teacher that helped me with my dancing. I have loads of different medals from 1st to 5th and a mini shield for my dancing exams.I hope this year I will be very successful and I hope Eilidh and Katie will too.

Emily P5

Flute Achiever

I play the flute and Mr McDermot is my teacher. My friend Ellen plays the flute with me. Mr McDermot takes me down for flute every Friday. My favourite song to play on the flute is Hot cross buns and the Whole Thing. I really love playing the flute because it is a lovely Instrument!!!!!!!!!
I need to practice 7 days a week and not leave it to last moment on the Friday morning to be successful.