The Be Eco Group

The Be Eco group is all about trying to be more eco friendly during life because we want to stop climate change and global warming. The people that run the group are James Norwood, Connor Stevenson, Jacob Hart and Hugh Mackinnon.

Some of are goals are to make bee bombs so that we can plant more flowers, and another one of our goals is to plant some more trees around the school. There are lots of other goals for our group, but there are to many to mention.

My Endeavor On The Heart By James

My Endeavor is on the heart. I think that this it a helpful skill to learn because if in future if someone asks your about something about the heart you can straight away answer the question and tell them the information.

This Endeavor, which is my first one, has been quite challenging because it is a whole new skill to learn but there is lots of people who can help me, for example my mum. My mum is a doctor so she knows lots about the heart so she can help my lots with this Endeavor. In my endeavor I made a 3d model of the heart, a report on the heart, a letter to Dr Chris from operation ouch, a poster on the heart and instructions on how to check your heart rate.

Here is a photo of a labeled heart.

Google Meet With a Marine Biologist

On Monday the 7th, we had a google meet with a marine biologist called Saana and we learnt about all of the things you have to do to be one.

The first thing we learnt about was the engineering involved with it like boats. She told us all about what boats she uses at which time. One of the boats was a wooden yacht that has everything you need to do her job.

The second thing that we learnt was the communication of sea mammals. We learnt that seals clap there flippers to make a “clap” noise and that dolphins jump out of the water to play and sometimes to communicate.

The third thing that we learnt was her career. We asked questions about stuff like ” How long does it take to get a career on marine biology?”  We found out that you need a degree to learn all about it.    We found out she needs to ask good questions and then do research to find the answers.  She works with the navy to check they are not damaging animals with sonar under the water.  Tracking sea mammals is tricky and they have long poles they use to get trackers on the whales.  It sounds like being a marine biologist is really interesting.



My Place Photo Competition

The My Place Photo Competition is where you go around your village and take a picture of something. This happens every year and each year, there is a different theme. This years theme is Climate Change which means that your picture has to include something that is caused by Climate Change and something that is man made. I found this very interesting because we got to walk around the village. My photo was of rusty chains and I called it Climate Chains.