Be Creative Tea Towel Competition

The Be Creative citizenship group is doing a contest for drawings that are going on tea towels or bags. There will be posters in each class Telling the rules on what the drawings needs there will also be one in the steam room.

You can only draw something related to Islay like a distillery, animals like a deer, Kildalton cross and Bowmores church. Your name must be on the the other side of the page along with what  class that you are in.


My Endeavor

For my Endeavor I did natural art that is were you make art from around so If you were in a forest I could get leaves that are different and make something. Most of my art has been with stones.  The first is two stacks of stones that have been placed biggest to smallest  the other is white stones with black slates in shape of circle.

I have also made clay models, two done and one in the making.  The first is a oval with waves in the top on the sides is markings that are like lighting. My second one is a  horn that goes to the right the third is a circle with in the middle. I have wrote a poster on natural art also I have wrote an Endeavor letter to Andrew Goldsworthy and he responded. I have done all of my work before my main Endeavor work is done.

Outdoor Learning Sandcastle

In outdoor learning week p5-p7  we built sandcastles and we had a contest on Tuesday in front of Port Ellen Co-op. We had bamboo sticks and a half a pipe to dig. We had to have a moat with water and renewable energy and also turrets.  To get water you dig then enough water comes out. My team had a volcano in our build with lots of renewable energy.  At the end my team won with ten points at the end.


Advent Calendar

In Port Ellen school we have a advent calendar with prizes. Every day you go on the school website or the schools twitter to see who the winners are. The school decides who the winner is  for the day  by putting their hand in the box  then they pull out a name then they are the winner. The calendar ends on the twenty fourth of December.

The kid prizes are a scooter, Lego star wars, one day ecteronic bike, board games ingluding Jumanji, Drone and the best one so far a Nintendo light that comes with a case, games such as Minecraft and Mario cart. The adults prizes are mostly vouchers, drinks, Aberg bundle and a humper bag. The School is doing this because this year we have no Christmas fair. If you don’t have a ticket don’t worry there’s always next year.