Islay And Jura Dolphins Trip

On Saturday 1st December Islay and Jura Dolphins went to Tolcross Swimming Pool located in Glasgow. I got up early and only then was I told that it was a 50 meter swimming pool. After that I knew that it would be tiring. I was also told we were going to have two sessions both 2 hours! Now I was exited and nervous. We got on the ferry then drove up to Glasgow.

When we arrived at the swimming pool our first glance was at the pool ( it was massive). Much bigger than ours. The first day we swam over just over 1KM then some races at the end. After a while swimming we got out and went to Frankie and Bennies for dinner. It was good. After dinner that night we went bowling! In my group Matthew won but I came 2nd last, altogether there were six of us. It was soon time to go back to the hotel ready for another day of swimming.

That morning we woke up and went to have breakfast to fill us up. We then made our way to the swimming centre for the second time, But this time it was more interesting.  We were swimming in the lane that Adam Peaty broke the world record for 50m breast stroke. That day we swam nearly 2KM.  It certainly felt like that the next day. Before the ferry we had a few hours so we went to Braehead. Struan got a toy sword out of a shop and got it taken off him by one of the workers! Then we made our way home from a funny but tiring weekend.

P7 Leavers Assembly 2018

This year the P7 leavers assembly based on Alice in Wonderland. P6/7 had to read the book and do voice overs of the poem Jabberwockey. The first song  of the leavers assembly is called Shine and the last song is called Wherever I go, in the middle is the lip dub, which is the song Build me Up Buttercup. There is also the films of all the P7s talking about their time at Port Ellen. We had to do lots of filming this year like the teaparty.   Everyone had to dress up and act like the characters and eat lots of cake which was good fun!

Climate Change

Climate change is getting worse and worse every day because of us. Climate change is when lots of carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere which creates a lair of greenhouse gas which then traps heat in the earth causing global warming, which destroys habitats and can create tornados, tsunamis and hurricanes. This is also caused by surprisingly cows because of there farting and burping , this happens because the methane they let out.

The energy we use is also having an impact on the earth because of all the carbon emissions we use to run our homes,cars and electronics. We could change this by using renewables such as wind, solar and hydro power. We are destroying the Arctic so Polar bears and penguins won’t have habitats. So I feel that everyone needs to start using renewable energies.

You can see how global warming is happening using this climate spiral animation:

By Aidan and Jack

Christmas Fair

In Port Ellen primary we have a Christmas fair and people  from all over Islay comes to buy stuff that the children make. There were lots of different things to buy all separated into the classes. This year p6/7s made fidget spinners which were 10p, the candle jars were £2.50, the stress balls were 50p, the necklaces were 50p and the do you want to build a snowman was 20p. They all also had to bring a food in for the hamper. The p4/5s had to bring bottles for the bottle stall and so did p1/2/3.  Santa came to visit too and everyone had a great time.  Altogether we made £2,900 thanks to the kindness of the local community and we will use the money to fund special events like trips.

Auto Engineer

We have been finding out about different types of engineering.  An auto engineer is an engineer that works with vehicles. This job involves working on computers and fixing cars. The average salary is up to £28,000. To be an auto engineer you need to be good at maths and be good at dealing with technology, but most important you have to have good group work to get the job done. You would also have to think about seeing when working with Vehicles. It would also help if you had a degree. I thought that it would be good to be an auto engineer because you always have a task to get done with a team.

Endeavour Project Review by Jack

Endeavour is a long term project when you get to pick your own project. At the end of the project you have to present your learning in front of not only the school but parents as well. For my Endeavour I am doing golf and I have learned new skills and have achieved lots.

I felt that I could have achieved more for my Endeavour because of the time that you had to achieve stuff. The thing that I’m most happy about is my model that I made of a golf hole. I annotated it to show where the parts are and what they are used for and what clubs are used there. I painted it to show where the different places are, like the colour of grass on the fairway and the ruff. I also made a quiz for people to do and I brought in a mini golf hole with a golf club for people to play. One of the skills that I have learnt was model making once I was making my model, I think this will help in the future in school once we are doing topics or even in my future of Endeavour. Another one of my skills was quiz making, this will help me when we are going quizzes for homework. The last skill was getting better at golf, now I can go down to the golf course with my dad or even play in the young competitions. I have learnt how to play golf and what is golf. I also learnt how to get better at time management because everything was finished that I wanted finished.

The problems that I had to overcome is that I had to change my planning because I wouldn’t have enough time to do it. I also didn’t know when to start my golf hole and when to finish but my time management was good. My topic was ambitious because I had to make a model that was planned by myself so it was hard to copy.

The people that helped me was my uncle who sent me a reply and he works at the golf course as a greenkeeper on Islay. Gregor also helped me paint the model the same as Mrs Macmillan.

Endeavour is a long term project when you get to pick your own thing to work on the whole year. At the end of the year you show it to the whole school and adults.

By Jack

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Drone After School Club

  On Monday 13th March we had a drone club after school. Nearly everyone in my class went to the club. The club was for primary 4 – 7. The first thing we had to do was program the drones to make them fly around in a square. We used the Ipad  to program them.   The first time we tested it some groups made it do a flips and turns. Some of the drones wheels that protected us from it even fell of. After that we got a shot of spheros that got controlled on an ipad .  You had a choice of changing its speed or colour . At the end of the club we got to see a very small computer about a half the size of a  remote. Everyone go a shot of tinkering with it.