Beach Clean 2019

On Thursday 21st March the whole of Port Ellen Primary School went down to the co-op beach for a beach clean.  There was also people from high school to help, they where the John Muir group, and also ReJIG.  Before everyone went we got put into groups of 5. There was 10 groups. I got paired with Chloe, Katy, Christopher and Phoenix.  P67 had created a survey so we could find out what the different types of plastic were that we foundon the beach.  There were lots of small bits of plastic between 2.5 and 50cm long, but the biggest plastic pollutant was ropes and nets from fishing boats.  You can see the results in the graph below.  We collected 2 bags full of rubbish, lots of it was plastic. Altogether the school got 900 bits of plastic rubbish off the shore. When we left all the beach had was sand and seaweed.




Holes by lewis sachar, book review

When I got back to school I was given a book that is named holes. It had 50 chapters, every week I would read 8 chapters, It is a very interesting book that makes you want to read more. Holes had a lot of good VCOP and one of the best books Ive read so far! My favourite part of the book was when at the end Zero and Stanley get out of the juvinial camp and ended up rich because they found treasure and Stanleys dad made a deodrent for peoples feet and they get to meet clive livingston. This is an exaple of Mr sir being sarcastic “This isnt girl scouts,is it?” I would recomend reading Holes by Lewis Sachar, I give the book a 4/5!

B.M.T Better Movers Thinkers

On the 22nd of August the whole class of p6/7 went down to the hall and did some B.M.T, which is activity that keeps you fit and helps your brain.  It was fun but tiring. At first we all lied down on the floor and we all had to breathe in then out for 4 seconds.   After that we did a workout sequence; first step we had to skip 4 times, 2nd step we had to side step 4 time, 3rd step we had to jump, then after that do a press up.   At the end we all lied down again and in our head we had to think about the lesson like a video.   We sat up and got told to say what we think we did best.   I think that the best thing I did in that session is  running.