Sports Championships

Every year Port Ellen Primary has a sports day in which every member of the school including the nursery gets a chance to compete in the races and win points for their houses. P6/7 all got a chance to win sports championships. Sports championships is a series of activities in which you can get first, second or third and if you do not get placed you get 25 points. The winners of sports championships for the girls were, in third place Harmoni Edwards, in second place was Charlet Rose and in joint first was Holly  and Freya. For the boys it was Donald Swanson in third place, Jack Shaw in second and in first place was Aaron. At sports day the three houses( Orsay, Texa  and Nave) made their relay teams, Orsay’s relay team was Holly, Aaron, Dearbhla and Charlet, Texa’s was Freya, Jack, Donald and Ciaran.

Maldives Whale Shark Community

On Tuesday 14th May we had a glow meet with Alina Wieczorek and Giulia Donati. Who are part of the Maldives Whale Shark Conservation. There are 200 islands in total and 100 are used for tourists and the other hundred are just normal islands for the people who grew up in the Maldives. They answered a lot of our questions and we also found out a lot of new facts. We learned that whale sharks can live for up to a century and in rare cases over a century, we also learned that the reason they are protecting this fascinating creature is because it is endangered and if it were to become extinct its loss in the ocean would have repercussions on many of the other marine animals. In the end we thoroughly enjoyed learning many interesting facts from this experience and we all will be sure to watch our use of plastics and will also help contribute to saving these magnificent creatures and all the others who share the ocean.

By Holly and Scott

Paper Bridge Engineering

As part of our Engineering project this year we wanted to show we could get better at engineering.  At the start of the project we had to build bridges, and ours were made from straws and did not work well or hold a lot of weight.  We did the bridge building test again to see if we had improved, but this time we were only allowed to use paper to build our bridges. The point of it was to try and engineer a bridge that could hold a calculator, at first it was quite hard to make a bridge that could hold one. Me and Rowan decided to apply what we had learned in maths about 3D shapes and  put cylinders under our bridge so that it could support the weight of a calculator, a lot of the bridges ended up being able to support a lot more than a calculator. Our bridge managed to hold 6kg in weight!  I was surprised that it could hold that much because it was just paper and tape, eventually we over tested it and wrecked the cylinders on the bridge. Everyones bridge could hold at least a calculator and some bridges could hold more, our bridge could hold the most in the class which I was surprised about. We applied our engineering knowledge to building the bridge and this showed how much we improved!

By Holly


Islay Walks Endeavour

For my Endeavour I am doing Islay walks I’ve walked up to Ben -Solem and Borachle so far. I’m going to be aiming to walk to Ben Vicar which is the highest hill on Islay.  By the end of my project I am going to have learnt the routes up to all the hills I’ve walked on, learn how to read a map and use a compass.

Bird Endeavour

Today wednesday 1st March I got an email from David Wood about my bird Endeavour, he sent me tracks of greenland white fronted geese. That the RSPB track using tags, he sent me the tracks to show me where the greenland white fronted geese migrate to and I found it very interesting, they fly thousands of miles and they all fly in their families.