Mechanical Engineering Endeavour

This year I chose to do mechanical engineering for my endeavour project. A mechanical engineer is someone who works on cars or lots of other stuff  like working with gears and more. I chose mechanical engineering because I love cars and I play a lot of Forza which is a car game. After this endeavor I hope to have achieved a lot so that can help me in the future to maybe a mechanic. I would also like to be a mechanic when I’m older as I think it would be a good job for me.

For my endeavor I’m gonna make a Haynes model engine and a sway about all the different kinds of engine. I have also made a quiz that you have to label the parts of the car engine of a Chevrolet Camaro Zl1.



The Microbit

On Wednesday 15th March all the p6\7 from Islay and Jura came       to the Islay High School to do technology and science.  First we were put into groups with people from other schools.  We then got to learn about different technologies. The microbit was hard to use because first you had to program it, then download it, then put onto the microbit. First I made the lights on the middle to say hello.  After I did that I made the lights say ‘hi i am a micro chip’.   You had to use  skills like  perseverance a lot for the microbit.   At the end Ithought that it was easier than at the start.