Day Of Dance

Last Friday, all the schools on Islay and Jura met together in Bowmore hall to have an afternoon of Scottish country dancing. We do this so that people can meet up with and get know know the other kids in there year that their going into high school with. We danced the Gay Gordans, the Virginia Reel, the Canadian Barn dance and the Flying Scotsman. We all had loads of fun and enjoyed it very much.

By Sophie


Dolphin’s Swimming Championships

On Saturday 27th  January Dolphins were having a championship event. They did lots of different types of strokes. They did butterfly,  breaststroke, front crawl and backstroke. Some of the swimmers also did tumble turns and dives for starting. All of the children that attended had an amazing time. From the people that attended seven of them were from Port Ellen primary and two more from Port Ellen Primary helped at the pool side.  Everyone got a medal at the award ceremony, we also got loads and loads of food after swimming as well.  All of the people that went and also the people watching were very proud that there are such good swimmers on this tiny island.

by Ellen and Sophie