Scottish Math Challenge Success

The Scottish Math Challenge is something that P6/7 have the chance to do every year.   You get a set of three questions one in November, one in December and the final one in January. If you get up to 29 points that is a bronze 30 points that is a silver and if you get 33 points that is a gold. I got 32 points and that means that I got a silver which means that I get to go away to get an award and I was really pleased to get this and I want to keep on pushing myself further in STEM. Everyone else who took part in our class got a bronze.  It is really important to know how to do some equations because it could help in a well paid job like being an engineer.

By Matthew Campell

Mini Hydro Plant

For the BP STEM AwardTaylor, Sophie, Lauren and I made a mini hydro electricity making device as part of our topic on renewables engineering.  It had to make some electricity by the moment of the water and we had to make an experiment to show how we could improve the design and we looked at the number of paddles.  We had 2 paddles then upped in twos every time and we found out that the more paddles the more electricity was generated. We built it out of K-Nex  and we entered this in to a competition but sadly we didn’t make it in to the final. The reason we entered this is so we could improve our engineering skills and to try to make a renewable source of energy out of basically nothing.

By Matthew

Scottish Swimming National Competition Qualifying Event

Wednesday 15th November was the Argyll and Bute swimming  competition for qualifying for the nationals in Dunoon. From Islay and Jura Dolphins swimming club there was: Ross Thompson, David John Morris, Matthew Mcusker and me. The coaches were ; Karen Siddle and Allan Campbell my dad. It was my first swimming competition away from Islay and I loved it.  Ross was a big help; he told me when to go up to the Marshall which is when you line up to get ready to go up to the blocks to dive off.  My races was front crawl and back stroke.  In my front crawl my previous personal best was 1:07.7 min but now my personal best is 47.35 sec. In my back stroke my previous personal best was 59.73 sec but now my personal best 55.34 sec.  I had a great time, thanks to Karen and my dad for taking us!

Spheros At Islay High School

On the 15 March 2017 all the primary 5/6/7’s from Islay went to the Islay High School to do some STEM which stands for Science Technology Engineering Maths. There was lots of things there like: Minecraft, 3D printer, Spheros, Computational Thinking, Kodu game programing, Micro Bits, Lego We do. My favorite was the spheros because you got to program them.  Then we got to drive them round the room and it was really fun because you can change the speed, colour and the direction with an analog stick. I learned from this how to program on a different app on a different device instead of using Kodu or Scratch all the time.