This year for my Endeavor I was doing coding  which was really challenging  because I have never coded before. I learnt how to code a plane, boat and a motorbike to go fast and to shoot rockets at people and I even made a missive track and some jumps on the way. To code the game I use a Xbox 360 and Teddy also does the same endeavor so we work together.   I have completed 3 levels a game for people to play at the endeavor fair.  The 3 levels are a race, a maze and a games were you have to shoot rockets . Me and Teddy have been working really hard  on the game for Friday at the endeavor fair but only p 567 can play due to coronavirus . At the fair I would like to do a contest . The contest will be a race and  who ever wins will get a prize . For the race the people will be using an Xbox 360 controller or a keyboard which is a lot harder than a controller.




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