My Endeavor Project

My Endeavor is making sculptures out of driftwood. Endeavor is a project you want to learn to do. You get to do Endeavor for four months and at the end of the four months you get to show what you have learnt to people some people get to sell things they made for there Endeavor.

My Endeavor is making lots of things out of driftwood. Driftwood is wood that has been bashed around in the sea for many years then washed up on the shore. I find most of my driftwood at Kilnaughton beach. How I made one of the fishes is I first gathered all the drift wood I need to build the fish. Then I use a hot glue gun to make a sculpture of a fish. Lastly I stick a pebble on the wood for a eye.

The people that helped me is my papa, my auntie Lynn and my Mum. My Papa taught me how to use tools I might need safely.  My auntie Lynn helped me to get a good layout for what I am making and what I should make. My Mum helped me use the hot glue gun and buy all the things I need. By Katie

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