Learning In Lockdown

In lockdown school’s, store’s and clubs were all shut but people have found ways through it like Home schooling. We are just back from home schooling and every day in home schooling we had a google meet on Monday and Friday but the whole class had a google meet  and P5, P6 and P7 had their own day for a google meet. And we done weekly topics. and we were doing work in home learning because of seesaw. But if we didn’t have seesaw then I don’t know what we could of used  in lock down and seesaw is a learning app for kids. In hone schooling it felt like it was just like normal school but at home. Then when we got back to school it was changed and felt a lot different. We had are own tables at lunch and only three people on a desk and only three people in the bathroom and now every class has a different break time.   We miss getting our work done and getting out and about.

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