The CRIS award is an award when we were online and we went over the safety rules-CRIS stands for Cyber Resilience and Internet Safety. The whole class did it with us. Mrs Clark set up the board and people like Callie James and Katie and Phoenix went through to talk to the person that was on a meet they went through because Mrs Clark asked them and they said yes they  would do it. When we were at school we done the meet through the laptop.

The lady on the laptop was saying how to stay safe online and they were talking about clickbait here is how to stay safe online don’t believe anything that is too good to be true and if a advertisement pops up on your screen and it says something like get a free car just give me one hundred pound do not do it they probably don’t even have a car that they can give you they will trick you.   We got the CRIS award for our learning about internet safety.

                                                                                                                                        13 Ways to Get a Free (Donated) Car - MoneyPantry

By Mya Munro

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