The HIT Club

At the HIT club you set yourself a goal and push, for you are not trying to defeat other people and you cannot stop since it is “high intensity” training unless you have asthma or some other thing that stops you.  Drew,Braeden and Orla ran it for p4-7 on wednesday and since it was HIGH intensity you could not stop but there was groups that were ran in groups of easy, medium and hard.  Also there was a lot of restrictions in our club since it was in the hall for example we can’t use balls since there is a packed lunch table in there. The good things about this club since you need to push yourself to the goal you’re setting, doing it high intensity means that you can get more exercise in less time and more goals than limits since there is more pushing that relaxing and letting your body feel stiff.  Also since there is not p.e all the time (although some people wish) it is a kind of lesson of p.e in less time. Finally there is other kind of sports clubs ran by p6/7 throughout the week.

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