The Mod 2019

On 14th of October in Port Ellen primary school and Bowmore primary went to the mod as a joint choir.In the morning poems and solos were held in the City Glasgow Collage.Out of the choir Chalet and Dearbhla got first in duets,and Finaly got second on his solo.Also Charlet got third for her solo and her poem.

Port Ellen almost won all of they’re songs except one song were another choir bet them by one mark. They sang five songs and won four. At the Mod they sang two to part songs were there is some people singing high and some singing low,Also knowen as alto and soprano The other three we all sang in the same notes. two songs were prescribed and one we chose are other song.

That same day later on they got filmed and were on TV. On TV they sang four songs.The next day they went bowling then after that went home went back to Islay on the boat.

By Caitidh


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