This year for endeavour i decided to do healthy diets and keeping active, i chose this endeavour because i wanted to improve my health and activeness and inspire others to keep healthy as their has been a huge increase in the amount of obesity in the world and i wanted to try and do something about it, So i have been doing an endeavour on it. So far i have been working mainly on healthy eating more than keeping active because i feel as though eating more healthily will improve to help others more efficiently than keeping active. so far my main achievements are making m=my milkshakes an how to make milkshakes i movie. my favourite milkshake recipe is called purple gem fruit. i like it the most because it has a twist with the berries that gives the drink an extra flavor, also because its purple and that my favourite color. Soon the endeavour fair will be on and the following i would have completed on my table: healthy testers (drinks,snacks) research on activeness/healthiness, Imovie, power-point, posters, G suite, question sheet activity to test others knowledge. If i was to change one thing about the way i have did my endeavour would be to focus on both active and diets equally instead of just mainly focusing on one.

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