Port Ellen Pantomime 2017

This year Port Ellen Primary Schools panto is called Ali Baba and The Bongo Bandits. Our panto is about a boy called Ali Baba and he goes of and meets the princess. With his mum they go off and find a magical genie. But the princess’s father doesn’t know that she is gone. And now both of the Sultans gems are gone, his royal ruby and the princess. The hero… Ali Baba finds both gems and takes them back to the Sultan. Although it isn’t that easy. For the panto to help us get better we have been evaluating each other to see what we have done well and what we need to improve on. In the panto I am the mother of Ali Baba, Flossy Baba. I am really looking forward to performing on the night. We have also been learning how to add expression into our acting and making up dances.  It is going to be great fun to perform tonight.

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