Endeavour Project Review by Jack

Endeavour is a long term project when you get to pick your own project. At the end of the project you have to present your learning in front of not only the school but parents as well. For my Endeavour I am doing golf and I have learned new skills and have achieved lots.

I felt that I could have achieved more for my Endeavour because of the time that you had to achieve stuff. The thing that I’m most happy about is my model that I made of a golf hole. I annotated it to show where the parts are and what they are used for and what clubs are used there. I painted it to show where the different places are, like the colour of grass on the fairway and the ruff. I also made a quiz for people to do and I brought in a mini golf hole with a golf club for people to play. One of the skills that I have learnt was model making once I was making my model, I think this will help in the future in school once we are doing topics or even in my future of Endeavour. Another one of my skills was quiz making, this will help me when we are going quizzes for homework. The last skill was getting better at golf, now I can go down to the golf course with my dad or even play in the young competitions. I have learnt how to play golf and what is golf. I also learnt how to get better at time management because everything was finished that I wanted finished.

The problems that I had to overcome is that I had to change my planning because I wouldn’t have enough time to do it. I also didn’t know when to start my golf hole and when to finish but my time management was good. My topic was ambitious because I had to make a model that was planned by myself so it was hard to copy.

The people that helped me was my uncle who sent me a reply and he works at the golf course as a greenkeeper on Islay. Gregor also helped me paint the model the same as Mrs Macmillan.

Endeavour is a long term project when you get to pick your own thing to work on the whole year. At the end of the year you show it to the whole school and adults.

By Jack

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