The Dream Team Game Design

This term we have been learning about Game Design. We all got into groups which would be our companies. My groups company name was The dream team. There was criteria like,

  • You must all adopt roles.
  • You must create an eye-catching logo.
  • You must create a prototype of your game.
  • You must create a survey and make a graph with your results.
  • You must have a clear plan of your game.
  • You must have a clear, colourful storyboard.
  • You must have a clear background story.
  • You must create colourful characters, settings and objects.
  • You must write instructions that show you how to play the game.
  • You must create an advertising poster that makes someone want to buy your game.
  • You must create a theme tune that sounds good for your game.
  • Everyone must create a pitch to sell our games.

This is one of the members of the group with the storyboard. The Dream Team’s name for their game was Racing Master.

Racing master is a game where you have to race against all the other formula one champions to win the championship. We had two different levels that got harder and harder. As we made our game on Kodu we could only use the characters that are there so on the first level we used a blimp, a jet, a rover and the character you were playing was a rover. In the second level we used three jets and in this level you also played a rover. In the first level there is a race track and you are against your opponents. On the track there is obstacles if you hit into the obstacles you slow down. You also have to try stay on the track because if you go on the grass you will slow down. There is only 2 ways to move to the next level. One way is to beat the characters in the race. The other way is to collect 5points then you can win and move onto the next level. To collect points you can find the hidden coins on the track then you bump into them and it gives you a point.

In level two there are lots of hills and the track is different but you have to follow the same rules and you can win in the same way. You also need to try not to go off the track or bump into the objects and try to collect coins. There was one problem with the characters on the game because they wouldn’t follow the path but we managed to fix it using debugging. We have learned more about game design and solving problems. We used debugging and also tinkering when we were trying to fix the problems. Our logo was a shape with the dream team written inside it and four clouds in the corners of the page. The whole group enjoyed doing this topic and need to work on working in a team.

By Kaitlyn

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