Joint Choir

Every Monday after school Port Ellen and Bowmore choir join together to learn and sing the two part. Every week Bowmore and Port Ellen take turns to go over to each others schools. We get over on the bus, but Port Ellen leave school fifteen minutes earlier to get to Bowmore in time since Bowmore finish earlier. It isn’t only good for singing in the choir it gives Port Ellen and Bowmore a chance to know each other before going to high school. We all enjoy going and every week we sing two different two parts. Each two part has sopranos and altos, which are two different kinds of singing. Even though the choirs are joined together, there are still two separate choirs and they are still competing against each other in the Mod. I think that this is a great opportunity to meet other children from Bowmore and is great to improve our singing.

By Ellie and Kaya Middleton

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