My Endeavour

For my Endeavor I am doing weather and natural disasters. I am doing a project on this because i have always wondered how storm and hurricanes etc are formed. here are three interesting facts i found out.

1)Britain is one of the most common places for disasters because of the warm air from southern Europe, the cold air from the west and the wet cold air from the Atlantic ocean, all of these collide over Britain causing devastating storms, we don’t necessarily get the worst storms but we get the most storms.

2)Ozone is a gas that is formed high up in the sky its porpoise is to protect the Earth from the suns ultra violet rays, if there were no Ozone humans would get eye damage and skin cancer these are the two worst that health problems it can cause.

3)A tropical cyclone is a disaster that is created by warm water, a tropical cyclone is made of very strong winds that go in a spiral anti-clockwise when a cyclone reaches 74mph it can be called a hurricane or a typhoon depending on where you are in the world, they are caused from water above 26.5 degrees Celsius.

I hope these three facts helped you.

by Robbie Middleton

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