Light and Sight

This term we are learning all about light and sight and how it happens.  We started off by  writing down questions that we wanted to do and finding them out as we go along.  On 22/1/14 we all made pin-hole cameras by rolling 2 bits of black card and attaching cling film to one and tin foil to the other. Putting them both together so that when you look through the hole, that you made with a compass on the tin foil, you could see images but they are upside down.

The following afternoon we did experiments on sight and light, some of the ones I did were pigments and filter, looking at lenses, making magnifying glasses and answering questions about a kaleidoscope.  We also had an experiment that you had 5 ice cubes on 5 different colours- yellow, red, black, white and blue, you have to lay them on a window sill and see which coloured ice cube melts the quickest.  On 23/1/14 we took notes when we watched lots of videos, the ones we watched were, all about light, colour, colour mixing and and what is a rainbow.  That afternoon we got a visit from the optitions, he showed us a PowerPoint and we took notes, it was very interesting.

All of the experiments were very interesting and we got alot of facts.

By Maisie and Jodie

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