Christmas Fair Produce

The month of March

In primary 4&5 we have been busy preparing items to sell at the Christmas fair. We are looking at money this term in maths and have set up and run our own shops to find out about profit and loss. Fot the fair we conducted some market research to find out what parents and children wanted to buy. It showed us that christmas cakes and calendars were a popular item, so we decided to make both as well as other general decorations.

We learned about weight and different types of dried fruit as we made our cakes, which we then had to decorate. Mrs Clark does a lot of cake decorating, so she helped us roll out icing and marzipan. We made our cakes look like presents with characters

Christmas Cake

on top.

For our calendar we took photos of ourselves in different poses and then drew or painted backgrounds that matched the month of the year. Mrs Clark then used photo editing software to put the children onto the backgrounds, and placed the pictures in a calendar template. All the items we made sold out at the Christmas fair.

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