Making Flapjacks For The Class

Yesterday I made flapjacks for Endeavour because it would be the last time I would be the last time making them for the class 🙁 So at lunchtime break me and one of my best friends started to measure the ingredients so then we cook them when other people are doing Endeavour. After we measured then melted them and after they melted we put the oats in and cooked them:) Then we ate them!!

I asked some people if they liked it and here are some peoples comments on how they liked it:

Kaitlyn: Kaitlyn said they were delicious:)

Ruaraidh: Ruaraidh said they were the most delicious flapjacks he has ever had:)

Kaya: Kaya said they were fabulous:)

Katie: Katie said they were amazing:)

Miss Macaskil: Miss Macaskil said they were really good and yummy:)

Murray: Murray said they were yummy!:)

Ellie: Ellie said they were really yummy:)

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