Swiss Roll

On hogmany i thought that I would make some Swiss Roll for pudding for a treat. I got this recipe from my Lorraine Pasquale recipe book. This is the recipe from it:)
For The Strawberry filling you need-
250g(9oz) strawberries
2tbsp Granulated sugar
Splash of Marsala or orange Juice
For the sponge-
80g(3oz)caster sugar
2drops of Vanilla extract
1tbsp warm water
80g(3oz) plain flour
pinch salt
For the Marsapone-
250g(9oz) Mascapone
2tbsp Icing Sugar
This is my end result:)

Hi, for my Christmas I got two new recipe books, one of them is a Mary Berry book which i have used already and the other one is a Lorraine Pasquale and I have used that a couple of times aswell. I also was opening a present and it was really big and i wondered what it could be? So when i opened it up it was a pink baking bowl. with pink love hearts:):) There’s no stopping me now!
This is what they looked like.