Hack Day Questions

So we have a space, we have some people, we have a vision.

A couple of questions have been asked;

“Can I get involved even if I can’t make it on the day?”

Ideally, as many people as possible will be there on the day. Kicking things off face to face but having lived on Islay for 12 years, I realise that is not always possible.

So if you wish to Join in Virtually you may do so. The best way of doing this (I think) is having the notebooks and tasks to be done for each notebook online via a site and to use lync for each of the hack groups on the day.

I would be very surprised if any of these will be completed on the day. So the work will continue after. I always need someone to check my writing.

The other question is;

“Can I come along for part of the day?”

The answer is yes. I appreciate that giving up a whole Saturday is a big commitment, however the idea of this hack is to share the workload. So if you can give up some time on the day, meet people and then continue to develop materials online, you would be most welcome.

Of course nobody would be impressed if you turned up, ate all the sandwiches and left again but I know nobody would do that, would they?! I have changed the Speadsheet a little. I have added a column for time available, and if you fancy the pub afterwards. If you can only make part of the day please say approximately when you can make it, no registers will be taken but we have to know who is in and when.

With less than 2 weeks to go, we are making sure that things are in place at our end – bacon rolls ordered for the morning and tea and coffee on tap all day!

If anyone has any questions please ask away.

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